You made it!

Me, Antony M. Copeland

Welcome to my website!

Hopefully you’re here because you’ve heard that I’m a great writer and would like to hire me as a ghost-writer, content writer, or world-builder. If I like the offer, I’m open to other freelance and full-time writing too.

You probably want to seem some evidence of my writing skills. I encourage you to look around and see what I’ve written. There are blog articles here, and also at the Creative Writer’s blog and Games n Geekery. I hope you enjoy the Sci-Fi story, Hermes925. Personally I’d like to give it another rewrite, but it’s already been chosen to be serialized as it is in an upcoming pulp-style e-zine called Diversions from Drudgery.

Hermes925 also led to me being recruited for the UbiquiCity project. The authors had video conferencing to world-build together, and then we each wrote a short-story that fit into the world we created. It was a fun project, and the anthology is now available for sale on Amazon in both e-book and paperback.

For fiction writing I prefer Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror, though I’m not adverse to writing other genres. For non-fiction I particularly enjoy writing self-help, leadership, psychology, mind-hacking, and mental health books. My favourite blog article subjects include science and technology, tabletop and video gaming, movie and tv fan-theories.

If I’ve piqued your interest feel free to contact me so we can discuss exactly what you want to to write for you, how much prep work you’ve already done, and figure out a schedule for progress reports and/or collaboration. Costs vary depending on how much work is required, but I’ll be basing my quote on the prices you can see under the ‘Rates‘ tab.

You can also comment below if you wish, regarding any questions, concerns or advice. Have a great day 🙂

Antony M Copeland.



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