The Ultimate Stressball

Scientists all over the world are already working on ways to clone human organs. It seems to me that in the world of organ transplants, the availability of usable organs is only half the problem. The other half is getting the organ to the patient while it’s still viable, and while the patient is open and ready to receive it. It would therefore be beneficial to also develop small fuel efficient life support machines designed to feed oxygenated nutrient rich blood and basic nerve impulses into the cloned organ long enough to get it into whomever needs it. Imagine what we could do if the systems were capable of keeping the tissues alive indefinitely as long as the organs were fed.

We’ve all seen this meme in our Facebook feed, and if you haven’t, well, you have now!

Have you already realized what I’m about to suggest? Imagine being able to squeeze an actual living breast whenever you get stressed? Lab grown from genetically engineered tissue, the Uniboob would be available in a variety of natural and bold colors, as well as a range of sizes and firmness! You could get two for double the stress-relieving effects! Heck, you could fill a paddling pool full if you wanted to (and had the money). You could order them online!


I suppose, in theory, you could do the same thing with any organ. A grown beating heart, in any color you wish, could become the must have ornament/ gag gift in the future. “You were coming off as heartless, so we decided to get you one!” I’m assuming though, that there’d be a much higher demand for living sex organs. Imagine if your pocket-pussy or dildo was actually warm living, responsive tissue? Again it would no doubt be available in a range of colors and muscle tone. Not sure if they’ll be able to make the little clit-tickling bunny real, but who knows?

Where would the ethical boundary be on cloning human tissue for recreational items? There’d be no actual humans being harmed or abused if the toy is damaged or ignored for a while. You could decorate it, add piercings, dress it up, do whatever you want to. What if your home’s AI system used a living cloned human brain? Would that be creepier than the Uniboob? Share your thoughts!


3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Stressball

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