The one where I beg!

Today I was informed that one of the credit card companies I owe money to has begun garnishing my wages. I’ve recently had to accept a bailout from my parents when I didn’t have enough money for rent, so they are exempt from this plea now. Hear that family? No more helping! You’re banned! This is for everyone else. Particularly if you happen to be somewhat wealthy.

Money is already tight, and it’s going to be a harder struggle going forward, but it’ll be an interesting experience that I will no doubt survive and be stronger for. I’ve already applied for a second job, and I enter contests like this when I find them. However, I would much rather avoid the struggle and panic, and live at least in comfort if not style. Writing for the joy of it, instead of being motivated largely by the need to find additional sources of income. I already work 40 hours or more per week, with bonus potential. I’ve experienced enough management to know that I do not want to climb the corporate ladder.

10636632_444541229083752_2184904784765327131_oGiven the choice I’d be considered an entrepreneur, but my product is my words. Something in a marketing role has appealed to me. I know that, no matter what, I’ll have to compromise my own writing style to appeal to the tastes of whomever my new patron might be. I’ll do it, and here are my conditions. I want to be divorced, so does she. I want my debts paid. I want myself, and my family and friends, to be able to live comfortably, with occasional expressions of expensive fun. I’d settle for us each getting $5k per month.

If you’re a would-be patron, employer or sugar-momma, read my work, and see for yourself if I’m worth it. I want you to like the way I write. I want to continue to like what I write for you. I do like what I write. I love the worlds I create, so if you don’t, then you’d be better investing your money and time elsewhere. I want you to love me like I’m the best thing ever, and pay me accordingly. I will of course listen to reason.

If you are not wealthy beyond reason, or someone with access to corporate money, you can help me by sharing my work, helping me spread the word. If you feel comfortable helping financially without breaking your own budget, then please do. Most of you reading this are friends of mine already, and you do so much for me that I couldn’t ask for more. If you happens to have any rich friends though, please tell them you know a writer looking for a patron, and send them to this blog. Maybe I should post an ad on Craigslist?

Desperate Author seeks Wealthy Patron. I’ll tell you a story of adventure and glory starring you. I want $5k per month, each, for me and my family. Come see if I’m worth it at

What do you think?

Thank you all so much.

7 thoughts on “The one where I beg!

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