Authors, Send in Your Submissions!

Should I send them something? Do you think submitting my blog would be enough? Or should I send them the first run-through of City of Gate: Chronicles? It’s basically just the collected NPC fluff from The City of Gate rp group.

My fellow writers should try. It would be silly of me not to, right?


Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 9.49.03 AM

My publishing studio has just opened up for more submissions.

Check out Endever’s blog and peruse through the new menu options at the top. There, you’ll find an expansion on our mission and method, updated personal bios on me and my colleague Lynn, detailed information on how to submit, and a snippet of of our upcoming projects.

We know how it is to submit endless amounts of queries to agents and search ruthlessly for publishers in hopes that they’ll even look at your submission. Endever Publishing Studios, LLC is a safe and reliable publishing home for authors.

We’re currently looking books in any genre. If you have submitted to us before and we rejected your proposal, please know that you are always free to resubmit different ideas.

Normally we accept manuscript ideas and even partial manuscripts, and we still do. But we want to put an emphasis on any manuscript…

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2 thoughts on “Authors, Send in Your Submissions!

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