About that party mansion I mentioned….

…it may take a little while. You didn’t hear about this? Okay, let me bring you up to speed. Last Friday I announced to Facebookland that I was going to buy my friends a party mansion. I mean it too. I want everyone who’s ever been there for me, supported me, advised me, or made my day to be welcome to hang out as long as you want or need too.

It’s still going to have themed rooms, and game rooms, and media rooms. It’ll have staff including a gardener, chefs, a mechanic and a cleaning crew. We might even have guest artists, singers and experts come share their passion. I’m dreaming big, and even if I fall short, it’s going to be awesome!


I may have been a little premature in my announcement. Though I have already tweeted an idea to a publishing company, I am far from certain they are going to be grabbed by it. I’m crossing my fingers and writing. Whether they like Hermes925 or not I’m going to keep working on the story, so that each time I try again, it’s a little closer to completed. Like I said it may take a while. Even if I do get a contract, I have no idea what my compensation will be, or what terms I have to meet in order to get any.

When I do get money, the first thing I need to do is start filling in the hole I’m standing in. First I need to pay back my family for all the financial help they’ve given me. There’s no amount of money in the world that could compensate for how much they’ve given otherwise.


My wife and I have been separated for so long it’s almost funny that neither of us have the money to divorce. Then I can work on all my debts to businesses. Bankruptcy has crossed my mind once or twice, but I want to pay what I owe. I agreed to their terms, I should pay. I just, can’t right now.

Only then can I start saving, investing, and putting my money to work. However, I do have a few thoughts on how we could speed up the process. I could beg for money, everyday, until you’re sick of hearing about it. Please please please money money Money! I could also try doing what I was considering doing back when I lived in Lancaster. Stand on a crate in the busy part of town, with a box of folded papers slung about my neck, a sign says $5 a story, and I tell a story to the crowd, off the top of my head, using people in the crowd to describe the characters and encouraging suggestions from the crowd, and giving out pre-written stories on folded paper to those who hand me $5 directly, but with a bag open for donations also.


As appealing as the second idea is, it would mean a lot of performance to keep the crowds amused, and I’m not even sure it’s legal. In reality, I’m going to have to tighten by belt and take many leaps of faith, until I’m able to make good on my promise of a party mansion. However, it did occur to me we could rescue an abandoned mansion, perhaps even something haunted, to save us some cash. We could try doing renovation ourselves, or just hire the right professionals as and when they can be afforded. It may end up taking just as long, but at least we’ll be bringing life back to a historic property, and hopefully save up enough to give the ghost a nice shrine!

I may end up posting a few other “dream board” ideas on this blog. Planning out what each room would be like. What games and entertainment we need to include, what shape the pool should be, how many slides and fireman’s poles we include, etc. What do you think we should have in the mansion? How do you think we can get there faster?

3 thoughts on “About that party mansion I mentioned….

  1. Fayezee

    I’m loving the idea of rescuing an old house, down on its love, and bringing it back to life. 😊💪 You absolutely can do whatever you set your mind to. X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tony_the_Brit

      Are there any cool abandoned old buildings in your area that you wish someone would restore? Have you ever snuck in and explored any of them?


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