Making progress? 

I didn’t write a blog update yesterday. I think I may have skipped Sunday too. I’m getting sick of writing about my money worries, and that’s all I seem to be thinking about lately. It’s getting boring, and I’d like to think about something else. I did get some writing done this weekend,  despite being distracted by a series on Netflix that I could not seem to stop watching called The Shannara Chronicles. I’m hooked, but there’s only one season. I’m  going to have to find time to read the original books, too seemed what they left out of the show, and read what happens next.

My cat thinks I should be petting him instead of typing, and is alternately tickling my side with a clawed paw, or licking my weenus for attention. Weenus, I’m told by my roommate, is what the skin on your elbow is called. I didn’t start writing just to make excuses for not writing, or even talk about my weenus or my pussy. I want to talk about the steps I’ve made towards achieving my goals. One of the followers of my blog posted an article I re blogged here, about Endever publishing looking for writers. As you know, I sent them a pitch via Twitter for Hermes 925. The next step after sending them the pitch tweet (or email if you prefer) is they request a video explaining the story further. They did, and here’s what I sent them.

Is it too short? Would you want to help me make the idea into a book based on this? I’m very nervous and excited. I’m also rethinking my Mother’s offer to come home to England. It seems that most, if not all, of the great authors of history have gone through a rough patch or two. Some of their best work was created during this time. I also know that many struggling writers never make it at all. I thought that a little hardship, and knowledge that it would only get worse unless I  succeed, would serve to motivate me. Like the greats before me. However, as I mentioned earlier, it’s proving to be distracting.

I’m not actually writing much about Hermes or the City of Gate, because I’m so desperately seeking a solution to my financial crisis that it’s all I’m thinking about. I had been concerned that if I would go home that I would stop writing. Either because I was too caught up in family life to find the time, or simply too content. I’m worried that, without the need to succeed to survive, I would stop trying. Writing isn’t always easy. Especially if I’m so focused on wage garnishments, bills, divorce, etc. that I can’t seem to find the words.

Perhaps I need my family around me. The comfortable feeling that everything will be ok, might be exactly what I need to get my head in the game. I miss my family. Is it giving up to go home? I’m beginning to feel like I’m just being a stubborn idiot. That having a bit of stability and familiarity could be exactly what I need.

My Dad came up with the idea that I could live with my Grandparents. My Grandma gives the best hugs in the world, and my Grandad is everything I imagined a man should be. They are getting old, they’re eligible for paid in-home care, but too stubborn. They like to do everything themselves. If I move in, I could be there to help them when they need it, without them feeling helpless. In fact they would be helping me too, because I would be getting a paycheck just for living there. There would be plenty of quiet time to write in, and I’m assuming the pay wouldn’t be particularly impressive, so there would still be a need to write financially as well as mentally.

2014-12-25 07.16.01
The last time I went home for Christmas

It seems like a win-win. Time to write,  pocket money to get by on, and family. Why am I still here? My friends will miss me, and I would have to admit I need help. I would probably have to give up weed too, but as money gets tighter, that’s inevitable anyway. What do you think? Swallow my pride and go home, or hold on just a little longer? 

It did occur to me, briefly, to set up two competing “Go Fund Me” campaigns. One to save up the money to go back to England, get my own place and buy my divorce before I go, and the other to keep me here and pay, not just for the divorce, but for my debts too. Then see which one wins. I decided that would be fairly close to blackmail though, so I didn’t. Any help, for whatever reason, would certainly be appreciated though.

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