The Golden Suns – updated

Update – Sorry guys, the miniatures are now sold, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the article! 🙂

I’m trying to sell my Warhammer 40k armies today. Iron Warriors, and another Chaos Space Marine army I called the Golden Sons. I heard from someone earlier in the week who seemed interested, but now I can’t get a hold of him.

Anyone else want them? I’m throwing in my bitz box, modelling tools, green stuff, codices, rulebooks and any other 40k related items I have. It all has to go, before I leave the country on Thursday 7/21/16. This doesn’t give me a long time, so I’ll take almost any reasonable offer at this point.

Everything written below this line was first published in the article “Going, Going, Gone!


It may not surprise you to learn that I put a lot of time and effort creating a backstory for my Golden Sons (Chaos) Space Marines. It began back when I was in college, when my friend Ash and I would play Inquisitor. My warband consisted of Inquisitor Rath, Techpriest Zeophyle, bipedal gunbot called Tank, Brother Martyn of the Black Eagles chapter and Talon, his mutant birdman friend.

Inquisitor Rath was a radical. He saw heresy and treachery everywhere he looked, and he began to observe patterns in the sequence of traitorous behavior in his particular region of space. He studied this pattern and began visiting planets he suspected would be the next to succumb to the touch of chaos. He quashed several rebellions, insurrections, cults, conspiracies and covens, but despite his efforts the infection seemed to be spreading. He needed an army.

Classic and modern Warhammer 40k roleplay rules.

He consulted a tech-priest he’d been holding in custody, suspected of chaos worship. He’d long concluded that Tech-priest Xeophyle was not corrupted, just so devoted to the machine god that humans were just variables and test subjects to him. Zeophyle happened to know a Rogue Trader that could get a hold of some geneseed. The Rogue Trader actually had quite the selection, and Rath confiscated all of it and then charged Zeophyle with creating a new chapter of Space Marines. The Black Eagles. Their black and white armor meant to honor the light of the Emperor and the funereal darkness of mourning his loss.

Martyn was the first to survive the process. A zealous young man who believed as Rath did, that there was a network of traitors and heretics working together to undermine the Imperium from within. More Space Marines were made from a cocktail of Martyn’s dna and extracts from several geneseed samples. All loving spliced together under Techpriest Zeophyle’s supervision by his growing pool of bots and servitors.

The new Black Eagles chapter begin delivering blitzkrieg assaults on planets suspected of potential heresy. Other members of the Inquisition got wind of this and called Rath to the conclave. Rath saw this as his opportunity to show his accomplishments to his fellow Inquisitors, and had Brother Martyn and Techpriest Xeophyle accompany him. He was surprised when the conclave interrupted his manic explanation of the algorithm that can track and map and predict the spread of heresy, and were branded witches and traitors themselves. The three of them managed to escape because the rest of the chapter had tracked the pattern to the conclave itself, and warp jumped directly into orbit, initiating the first wave of the assault as it materialised.

Inquisitor Gruendvald. Not appearing in this story.

The battle was intense. The battle-barge of the Black Eagles limped into the warp, barely intact, and seemed to explode as it entered the rift in space. Rath, Martyn and Xeophyle managed to get away during the conflict in a smaller Imperial vessel, accompanied by Talon, the mutant that helped them escape. The Inquisitor continued his mission, most worlds never realised he was rogue, excommunicate traitoris, a fugitive from the Imperial Inquisition. Thanks to the techpriest his Inquisitorial seal always passed any scans.

Meanwhile the surviving battle brothers had crashed on a world in warp space. The Black Eagles were concerned that they had landed on a daemon world, but to their surprise they found an Imperial Fortress Monastery, occupied by the Golden Sons. These Space Marines wore armor or pure white with a golden trim. They had been garrisoned here since before the Horus Heresy and claimed to be one of the unrecorded first founding legions. Their existence scrubbed out of history for necessity’s sake.

Not the Golden Sons’ Fortress Monastery. This one belongs to the Black Dragons.

Only a few hundred of them remained due to centuries of war against bands of Chaos Space Marines, wild marauders, daemons, and various other monstrosities. Even their beloved Primarch was lost. The Black Eagles joined their ranks, submitting to a test of purity and piety before they were allowed to, and the Golden Sons helped them repair their battlebarge.

Soon the Golden Sons were raiding chaos strongholds both within the warp and without. Saving loyal marines that had been captured, left for dead, or pressed into service by terrifying chaos-warped masters. These rescued space marines were subject to the same tests of purity and piety that the Black Eagles had done, and those that survived joined the Golden Sons. They even rescued Martyn, Zeophyle and Talon from the clutches of the corrupt Inquisition. Rath did not make it.

A Battle-barge

Wargear was also seized, cleansed, blessed, salvaged and made serviceable by the joint efforts of the Golden Son’s Chaplain and Techmarine Zeophyle. With help from the Apothecary-Librarian, Zeophyle had devised a way to ensure he’d survive the process of becoming a Space Marine.

Martyn and Talon began leading the strike forces. When the two of them began to grow larger, many were concerned that chaos had corrupted them both, but after heavy interrogation they were found to be free of corruption. In fact Martyn had developed the ability to burn the touch of Chaos from artifacts and people. The people rarely survived, but it was still considered a miracle, and a blessing bestowed upon him by the Emperor of mankind.

The majority of the Golden Sons still believe they are doing the Emperor’s will. The inner circle think this is hilarious.

So that’s the fluff. And now here’s a slideshow of some of my favorite conversions for the Golden Sons army, and some other random minis. Not pictured are the Helbrutes, Heldrake, separate army of Iron Warriors and my bitz box! It’s all got to go. I’d like $200, I’d settle for less. If you see anything you like, contact me and make me an offer.Email: Text: 608-304-4157.

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