Last day in the USA.

I am practically desperate for Fish & Chips right now!

Thanks to everyone who helped me get the money together, either by donating or buying some of my stuff. I truly appreciate it. I feel confident now that I can find a cheap flight and deal with any insurmountable complications. Any further donations will go toward helping me stay afloat until I’m legally allowed to work.

To all my friends, especially those who didn’t get a chance to say goodbye in person, I’m going to miss you. Even those whose first instinct was to tell me how badly things will go wrong, I’ll miss you. Most of you (now) completely understand why I have to go, and I’m glad to know that you’ll all stay in touch.

I had originally planned to be at Minneapolis-St Paul airport 6am Thursday (tomorrow) morning, but I think the desks don’t open until 8am. Then I can go desk to desk looking for a last minute cancellation or any other cheap flight home. It should be quite the adventure.

Then I get to be with my family again, after 12 years of living apart. I’m so excited! Can you imagine how much I’ve missed them? I couldn’t! I’ve been telling myself for years that I love them but we can’t possibly co-exist. Rubbish. I was so stubbornly determined to prove that I could adult on my own that I didn’t appreciate the advantage of having my family close when I needed them. I was in denial that I needed them at all.Now that I’ve finally admitted it too myself I feel so relieved.

Do I need to change the logo background?

Dear Family, please forgive me while I transition back to life in the UK. I expect there’ll be an adjustment period while I catch up on the cultural differences and their implications since I left in 2003, and just get used to being back. I’ll probably be a little moody. I might even miss America. I’ll get over it, or I’ll stick it on my to-do list and work towards building a vacation fund as part of my larger action plan.

Dear Friends, you had damned well better stay in touch, or no room in the party mansion! Tell me what’s going on in your lives, send me pictures, and keep me updated on your projects. Bumble, I need updates on Laughing Giraffe Studios latest podcasts. Alex, tell me how your line of paracord accessories is doing. Jitters, if you get that story published, or a new band started I want to hear about it. Sensei, let me know when you get into seminary school. I want to hear all of it. Let’s take over the internet!

Last minute decisions. Do I take my D&D books and dice? If I want to keep up the D&D campaign we’ve been playing via Skype (tony.copeland3) or Google+ I probably should! I’m still hoping we can squeeze one last epic session in tonight. Speaking of which, I should probably try to catch a nap while I can. I expect tonight will run late, and I’ts about 2.5 – 3 hour drive from La Crosse to MSP airport, so we’ll be leaving at 5am to get there by 8 as long as we don’t run into any bandits or highwaymen. Bed sounds like a great plan.

One more important question before I finish my last post from this address. Will I still be ‘The Brit’ when I’m back in  Britain?



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