The Journey Continues

Day 2. It’s almost 3 pm British time. I’m riding a train to Swansea, ahead of schedule. I’ll be changing trains to continue to Carmarthen, which will probably be the same train I would have switched to if I’d taken the later train out of London. Either way I can’t call ahead because I  didn’t think to check if my US bought pay-as-you-go would work here in the UK. It can, I just need to add international minutes. Significantly harder to do when you have no available data.

On top of that I feel sweaty and gross. I’m still wearing the clothes I put on at 4 am US central time yesterday. Which on British time would technically be 11 pm on Wednesday July 20th. In other words, I’ve been wearing the same clothes for about 22 hours straight, and I was already feeling clammy before I even boarded the plane. There is WiFi on board, which is good, but have you ever tried to type or text whole sitting on a moving train? It not easy! The carriage bounces and jolts. As I’m writing, the movement of the train carriage has caused my finger to come in contact with the screen when and where I didn’t intend to. This results in chaotic spelling errors  and random movement of the cursor. The last being particularly annoying when I have to find where it went and discover what part of the sentence was deposited there.

Apparently it’s also possible to accidently the article before it’s ready! Despite my tiredness, my sweatiness, the difficulty I’m having writing this, I’m still excited. I get to be with my family again!

I will type more later but I feel an involuntary nap coming on.

I’m back. While I was sleeping the ticket guy came, looked at my ticket and told me to change at Bristol Parkway. I then went back to sleep. I knew that all I had to do was stay on the train until Swansea and change there. However, my sleepy head got me up and off the train when they at announced the next stop was Bristol Parkway. Imagine my lack of surprise when they told me that the best train for Carmarthen was the one I just gotten off. So now I’m on a different train, that will likely put me back on the original timetable. Not a huge problem, just a minor inconvenience. I should have ignored it and kept sleeping!

I realize that my American friends and followers won’t have any idea where I’m talking about. Some of the Brits won’t either. However I like British place names. The train I’m on now (that doesn’t have WiFi) just pulled out of the station at Neath, for example.

On this train I met a young chap called Dave who studies physics but is leaning towards computer engineering. We had a good chat, and he followed my blog. Thank you Dave. 🙂

I made another new friend on the plane called Joe. He’d just spent a week in Oregon and was flying home. He too said he’d look me up. He was kind enough to offer me the use of his phone when I discovered that my US phone didn’t work here. Thanks Joe, I managed to contact my tribe via WiFi instead, but you’re awesome nonetheless for offering. 🙂

I’m on the last leg of the journey now. I just need to stay on this train until Carmarthen, and a representative of clan Copeland with be there to drive me the rest of the way to Pontgarreg.

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