First Day in the UK

I had originally planned to go back and ‘fix’ the last two articles so that they both contained links and pretty pictures. I kind of like them as they are though, the lack of polish reflecting my lack of resources. Since they won’t be getting the usual traffic, and you may not have seen them, here are the links: The Journey Begins & The Journey Continues.

I probably need to change my header image, since I’m no longer a Brit living in the US. I’m just another Brit in Britain! How am I going to be unique and interesting now? Oh wait, nevermind. I’m still me! The hint of an American accent will probably be conversation starter enough for a while. Since I’m currently in Wales, perhaps I should do something featuring the Welsh Dragon?

One of the coolest flags on the planet!

I’m still tired, and my back still aches. I’m hoping the latter is due to the travelling, and not because of the futon I slept on in my parents dining room last night. It’s just a little too short, resulting in at least one foot dangling over the edge all night. Despite all that, I feel ridiculously happy being back in the UK with my family.

I was fighting sleep as I finished writing the last entry. I was a little worried that I would miss Carmarthen altogether. I managed to keep myself awake though, and drag my giant suitcase (stuffed with my notebooks and probably not enough clothes) off the train at the right place. Within moments I was treated to the sight of my Dad, Sister and Nieces all running toward me grinning.I wish I had a picture of that, but I’m also glad I didn’t try to take one.

I do need to get a good camera though. The village of Pontgarreg is beautiful and the cameras built into my tablet and cheap US phone will not do it justice. I’ve also been asked to keep my Instagram account updated. It would be good to have original images to go along with my articles along with those I find online. When I go looking for a new phone, perhaps I’ll try to find one with a decent camera.

Today will be my first full day in the UK, and I have no idea what I’m going to do with it. The girls and I had a bit of a mini dance party to a classic rock ballads CD this morning, and now they’re watching Big Hero 6. Which is a great movie. Dad is working on his computer in the office, and Mum is writing out anniversary cards having already got laundry started. My Sister has just finished a “Muddy Run” for charity, and the dog, Abs, is slumped in the hallway, halfway off his bed.

2016-07-23 11.42.13

I may pull my notes out of my suitcase and see if I can find a story I want to work on, or perhaps I’ll poke at Hermes or City of Gate a bit. Right now though a nap sounds good, or maybe just reading the Captain Britain book Dad got me. I may even login into my Xbox Live account on my Dad’s Xbox. I haven’t decided yet. A walk around the village sounds nice. Perhaps. I don’t have to make myself do everything at once. There’s plenty of time.


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