I really have no idea what I’m going to write. I’m determined to write every day though. so we’ll see what comes out. It’s 10:30 at night and I haven’t even looked at by computer screen all day. I hadn’t even picked up my tablet until about 10! Mum is out of town, the nieces are with their Dad, and my Sister is spending some time with her boyfriend. It was just me and my Dad today. It was a good day!

We set off early for a nearby town called Aberystwyth. Dad wanted to get a second controller for the Xbox 360 so that we can play Halo together. I hoping he wants to play co-op,  because I’ve never been a fan of head-to-head contests. More on that another time perhaps. Aberystwyth has the closest branch of a chain of video game stores simply called Game. It’s similar to GameStop in the US. He also wanted to just hang out with me for a day, so that’s what we did.

Aberystwyth May 10 014.jpg
Aberystwyth, Wales.

On the way we talked about all sorts of things, including differing cultural references between America and the UK. We had watched Deadpool together the night before, which he enjoyed, but we kept having to pause the movie while I explained what Deadpool was referring too. The only one I wasn’t able to translate was when he describes Professor Charles Xavier as “heaven’s gate looking”. I just googled it quick and I’m quite certain that I don’t want to know.

The reason the subject of cultural references had come up again on the drive is that I had just seen a red Rover, and had laughed at it. Americans, here in the UK we have a a few different car brands not available in the states, including Rover. In other words I had seen a red car that happened to be a Rover. Brits, in America there’s a child’s playground game called Red Rover. Of course, it’s only funny if you’re crosscultural, and my Dad is not.

Red Rover

I then had to explain the difference between the difference between the American slang term ‘junk’ meaning male genitalia, and ‘junk in the trunk’ meaning a woman’s big beautiful buttocks. He brought up ‘fanny’, which means female genitalia in the UK, but a gender-neutral bottom in the US. We discussed the possibility of writing a whole article of the subject, but I’d rather share the rest of our day with you.

We briefly looked into getting me a UK mobile phone, which I’m used to calling a cellphone, but quickly discovered that the selection sucked and Dad wasn’t sure what the new postcode (zip code) was going to be anyway. They’ll be moving to Kidwelly soon, and I’m moving to Dalton-in-Furness shortly after that, so there’s little point in getting a phone that works in Pontgarreg, without knowing for sure if it will still get a good signal elsewhere. So we moved on.

It was quite the walk from where we parked to Aberystwyth proper, and my calf muscles began to tighten, just from not being used to walking everywhere. Our pace slowed a little as we got into town, and my legs functioned as they should for the rest of the day. I had mentioned on the way that I was craving black pudding, (click the link Americans) so our first stop was a café that served a full Welsh breakfast. We found a delightful place called MG’s Cafe Bar. If you happen to visit Aberystwyth in Wales yourself, I highly recommend you make a point of finding it.

After our delicious breakfast, we began hunting for Game. It wasn’t where Dad expected it to be, so we wondered about a bit. We visited the ruined Castle, walked along the promenade enjoying the sea air, and even went up Constitution Hill on an electric cliff railway. That’s a pair of train cars that travel along a steep incline in counter-balance. One goes up as the other comes down.

At the top of the hill is a camera obscura. That may sound like grease on your lens, but it’s actually a darkened room in which the surrounding view is projected onto a round white screen. Honestly, I was disappointed with the clarity of the view and preferred to observe the town below and the surrounding countryside from the observation deck.

Then we resumed our hunt for the Game store. During this time we talked about all kinds of things that I barely remember. I just enjoyed being able to hang out with my Dad. We had no schedule to keep to, and no strict agenda. If we didn’t get him a controller while we were here, it wasn’t going to be the end of the world. Not even the middle. No hurry, no worry. We did eventually find the Game store. It had moved locations. We discovered that they also sold used mobile phones, so I decided to bear that in mind as I researched. The controller was acquired and we meandered back through town toward the car.

On the way back it was decided that we should have a Superman marathon when we got home. Man of Steel followed by Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (extended cut). He’d never seen either of them. I’d seen Man of Steel many times, but BvS only once, and even then it was the theatrical cut. We bought snacks and beer on the way, so we could just munch during the movies without either one of us having to cook. It was great! I even showed him the trailers for Wonder Woman, Justice League and Suicide Squad afterward.

To cap it all off, Mum called from Dalton and has been helping my Grandparents to make the guest bedroom liveable. They’re going to remove one of the built in units in there to give me more room, find me a folding desk and get a blackout blind to prevent the neighbours security light from waking me up at night. She also happened to mention that her own mobile phone plan comes with an extra sim card if we want it. All I need to do is buy the handset. Which would give us a great excuse to go back to Game in Aberystwyth!

That pretty much brings us to right now. I would say it was an awesome day, but as Dad pointed out while we were heading back to the car, awesome doesn’t seem to cover it. It was an awemuch day!

I hope your day was at least as awemuch as mine! Remember to follow and share, and I’d love to hear your comments. I’m going to bed now. Goodnight! 🙂

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