Adopt, Adapt and Improve.

I got a step closer to getting myself all set up for living and working as a full-time writer in the UK. I applied for a bank account. I still have some money left in my US bank account and I’d like to be able to hold on to it, since that will be my only source of money until I have an income. I had considered just spending it all quickly before it goes towards bills, or just pulling it all out from an ATM, but I’d rather like to keep my Netflix and Hulu accounts going. Plus I need a bank account to set up my UK Paypal account. I need a UK Paypal account because it will make affiliate marketing for my blog easier.

I had considered just using my US Paypal account for this, but that would require also maintaining the American checking account that’s paired with it, and probably paying some American taxes too. Since I’m not living there anymore, I’d rather not. Having a UK bank will also make receiving wages easier too. Though generating an income may be a little more complicated than I’d hoped.

My Grandparents in the Lake District

The plan was to move in with my Grandparents as their live-in care assistant.My Grandparents are very fit and active despite being in their 90’s, so I wasn’t anticipating much difficulty. However, my Grandma says she too healthy to need assistance, and refuses to tell the doctor she needs help. I’m still going to live there, rent free, and they’ll make sure I’m fed too. However, it looks like I’ll need at least a part-time job for pocket money.

This alters my plans somewhat. I had been hoping to work more or less full-time as a writer, while also being available if Grandma or Grandad needed my help. Whenever I need to get out of the house, I could make time with local friends and family. Grandma seems to think that having a part-time job will get me out of the house and meeting people more, which is true, but it will cut into my writing time or my friends time.

I’m hoping that, once I’m there, I can convince her. I accept that they are both remarkably well for her age, this could change quickly. However, I’m thinking the approach I’ll have to take will be to agree with her that she doesn’t need anyone, but I  need her to do this for me. Tell her that people tend to assume that someone of their age does need help, and as a result it should be relatively easy to convince the doctor and anyone else that they do, in fact, need care. Essentially I’ll be asking her to lie, for my sake, which will allow her to continue to believe she doesn’t really need help, she’s just saying she does for my benefit.

Newton Inn
The Pub nearest my Grandparent’s house.

If not, then I’ll just have to see about picking up some hours at the local pub, or one of the shops in town, just to give me some walking around money. I will, of course, also be seriously researching affiliate marketing, and other methods of monetising this blog. As well as working on short stories and other paid writing opportunities. Despite my Grandma’s concern that I need to get out more, I fear I won’t have time for my friends. Perhaps if she sees this for herself, she’ll relent. Maybe.

If you happen to be an employer in Dalton-in-Furness, I have experience in call centres, retail and bars. Ideally I would like to work in an environment that doesn’t mind that I wear nail polish and eyeliner, and a lot of black clothing. In fact, ideally I’d like to attract the attention of a ‘patron of the arts’ and get paid just for doing what I love to do, write. I understand that such a person would want some degree of creative input, and I like to bounce my ideas off people anyway.20160802_192051.jpg

I must warn you though, if you are a wealthy individual that thinks I’ll be your sugar-baby, I come with baggage and strange beliefs. I’m not saying it’s impossible, especially if you’re an attractive lady, but perhaps you should carefully check the warning labels first! Of course, many talented artists and writers have their own quirks. Perhaps, having already sponsored other creative souls, you are well aware of this.

Speaking of writing, I need to get working on the scene from Hermes925 I mentioned yesterday. I’m think I’m going to re-draft my outline too, to help me see the story’s new shape. If you’re interested in seeing the new outline once it’s written, you can either comment here on my blog, go to my contact page, email me or use Facebook to tell me so. I’d be more than happy to hear your ideas regarding my stories, or even suggestions for new articles.

You can also use the contact methods listed above if you’re interested in buying ad space on my website, or publishing guest articles, or offering me a job 🙂

Remember to follow if you haven’t already, click links for articles from others bloggers and myself, and have a great day.

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