Skipped a Day

For the life of me I could not catch the writing bug yesterday, no matter how hard I tried. I woke up tired, having had a very restless night. All I could think about was boobs and Skyrim. So I just played Skyrim all day. Well, not all day. I spent a good portion of it staring at a blank notepad and watching Skyrim tips and secrets videos on YouTube.

Did you know that, in Skyrim, your character can wear a circlet and a falmer helmet at the same time? I didn’t! I also found out about neat little combo when you combine the Necromage perk on the Restoration skill tree, with Vampirism. Necromage increases the effectiveness of spells against undead. Once you become a vampire, anything you cast on yourself also becomes more effective. This also includes active effects from potions and enchanted items. This has so much potential, I want to try it out. I made a new character, but it’ll take a while before ‘Phage the Mage’ can see what you can do with it.

So that was my yesterday. No story. No blog. Just playing Skyrim and trying to ignore the other thing. I’m still trying to stick to the plan after all. Even though I’m not going it alone anymore, the ‘no girlfriends’ thing hasn’t changed. Writing needs to be my focus, not girls and dating. The real boobies will have to wait until I’m at least working for a living. You can’t pay for dates when you’re flat broke and living with your parents.

I gave myself a day off, but today I’m back on track again. I got the next of Jaime’s entries for Hermes925 is posted, called “Absence“. I hope you like it. There’ll be more Hermes925 coming tomorrow, as well as a new post on the City of Gate, for those who like to play games.

I’m also watching Stranger Things on Netflix. It’s amazing, I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it already. I’m all written out for the day, today’s Hermes entry was tough, so I’m gonna keep this one short.

Have a great day.


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