For Sale!!

I bet you thought I was all done with these ‘Everything Must Go!’ articles. After all I’ve already sold off most of my stuff and moved to the UK, leaving anything I didn’t sell behind. This time though it’s not for me. My parents are moving from Pontgarreg to Kidwelly, and they have a few items that won’t fit in the new place. So I offered to post the items on my blog to see if we can find any takers.

photo 1
Granddaughter clock

This beautiful antique granddaughter clock is in perfect working order, and even includes the key to keep it wound up. It chimes every hour, so you may want to keep it somewhere far away from the bedrooms, or even leave it as a decorative piece without winding it up. They paid £100 for it, but they’re asking $50 or nearest offer.

photo 2

A simple futon. Folds flat to become a slightly short bed. Reasonably comfortable. Better suited for children and shorter people. The futon and large furniture piece listed below could work well together in a guest room or playroom. They paid $120 for it, and they’re only asking $50 or nearest offer.

photo 3
Wardrobe/ dresser/ cupboard combo

Instant bedroom, just add bed! Keep hanging clothes, folded clothes, blankets, duvets, make-up, toiletries and accessories all in one item of furniture! Use it however you wish really, we just need it gone. $40 or nearest offer.

If you’re interested in any of these items send my Mum, Davina, an email.

You’ll have to come pick them up, so we’ll be happy to give you directions. We look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day!

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