SayberX – The Cybersex Masturbator

This is going to be one of the ‘Secret Stash’ articles that’s never going to be shared on my Facebook profile. I may put it on the ‘Funny Stuff‘ page, and share it in some of the adult humour groups, but the automatic sharing to my AntonyM Copeland Facebook page is deactivated.

If you’re already curious enough to check out the SayberX website without reading further, follow this link and get yourself on the mailing list for updates.

The SayberX hasn’t been released yet, but it promises to be worth the wait. It’s a male sex toy designed to pair with a smartphone app that will allow your partner, or yourself if you prefer, to control the SayberX device remotely. It claims to provide a sensation that feels like real sex, and the app lets you control the tempo, the speed, of the rhythmic motion.

It has built in lubrication, an adaptable lining to fit snugly  around almost any sized penis, and is built to be durable. There’s also a ring available that can also be remotely controlled, allows you control the tempo with hand motions instead.

Personally, I’d like to see a set that includes the female equivalent, so that I can stimulate my partner the same time that they’re stimulating me. Of course if you’re a man who prefers men you could already do this, and get both you and your partner on the list for one each.

The SayberX could also be used for fraternity hazing. Challenge your new pledges to withstand the stimulation as long as possible, the first one to cum loses! If this idea appeals to you to you, click this link! Make sure you get all your frat buddies on the list so you have enough.

Perhaps you run a webcam show, or offer some other method of teasing men for a living. The SayberX to add another layer of delicious torture, and allow you to directly control the level of mastabatory stimulation your client receives. Effectively giving them the best virtual handjob they’ve ever had, and allowing you to get him off from the comfort of your own home. Get on the list!


As you can see, once you’re signed up you can earn points for additional referrals. Get enough people to sign up and you could end up getting your own SayberX for free! You even get a few extra points just for liking the official Facebook and Twitter pages, but you have to sign up first to start getting points.

If you have no interest yourself, but think this is hilarious, or even know someone who would love this, share this article around so that I can get all the points! Muahaha!

Have a great day! 🙂

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