Divine Invasion (story idea)

I’ve been staring at the screen most of the day wondering what I was going to write today. I had an idea or two, but none of them really grabbed me. I even picked up my notepad to rewrite the part I’m not happy with and move on, but I wasn’t really feeling that either. It wasn’t until during a conversation with a friend via messenger that something came up that I wanted to write about.

First though I promised a friend I’d give her new blog “Journal of a Lost Girl” a mention, see if we can get her some traffic! Her first entry, appropriately called “First Review“, discusses a new album by ‘Day to Remember’ called ‘Bad Vibrations’. Go check it out and give a new blogger some encouragement :).  Just follow one of the red links above.

I had considered writing an article on the Pocket Shot Arrow Pouch, which claims to be the smallest and most powerful circular bow. I’ve never heard of a circular bow before and thought it was rather cool. I immediately saw a problem with reloading that would make me want a traditional bow instead, and made me lose interest entirely. However, here’s the video so you can decide for yourself, and you can follow the link for more information.

What I’ve decided to talk about instead came up while I was chatting with one of the lovely ladies in the US I mentioned in a previous article. We were both raised Christian and have since rejected the teachings of the church in favour of a personalised faith based on older religions that Christianity.

I’ve often wondered to myself, particularly when I still went to church, that if the biblical god did create our world, then did he create the rest of the galaxy too? I wondered if other sentient life-forms worshipped the same god we did, and if so, how would we recognise it as the same deity since the bible makes no mention of other sentient life besides us, and the Angels.

“If we had aliens coming from other worlds to make a pilgrimage to the planet that God’s only son was born on…..wait. That would make an awesome story!”

That was what I wrote in facebook messenger. Let me elaborate on what I meant. If the Christian God is the only true god, then it stands to reason that he would also be worshipped on other planets. It would also follow that these civilisations would also know of us, humanity and planet Earth, as the birthplace of god’s only son, Jesus Christ. Their own bibles would therefore include a version of the gospels, perhaps based on their own observations.

These aliens may have visited us many times throughout history but this is where I can’t decide which way to go. Do I make the aliens Angels, and have them report directly to the actual god-creator, who in this case is an actual being that has communicated with the aliens directly? In which case there could be a rebel faction also. Or have the aliens merely adopted the Christian religion having observed it’s development for eons, and even probed rednecks for more information?


Maybe I can leave that part ambiguous and leave it up to the characters to argue over and the reader to decide. Either way I think these aliens should come to planet earth, in the story, and attempt to set us on the right path. They, of course, believe that they know the truth. That our bible is wrong, our church corrupt, and that earth christians are misguided heretics.

It will be some time before I get around to actually writing this story. I still have to get Hermes925 finished, and I’d like to work on The War on Magic, or perhaps The Lord Highwayman next. I would however enjoy hearing your thoughts on the Divine Invasion and see if you would read it, or if you’re actually very upset at me for discussing Christianity at all. Please comment below.

Have a great day! 🙂

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