The Future is Coming

Today is my last full day in Kidwelly, Wales. Tomorrow I make my way, with my Grandparents, back up to the NorthWest of England. I was born and raised in Barrow-in-Furness, and still have many friends there who have remained in contact with me while I was in America. I’ll be setting up camp in the spare room of my Grandparents bungalow in the neighbouring town of Dalton-in-Furness.

My Grandparents

Once there I’ll be looking for part-time work to help bring in a little pocket money, and to help pay for self-publishing, promotion and any other expenses that my little book-writing venture will need to stay in business. I hope. I expect it to be a delicate balancing act. If I work to hard or too long for someone else, I won’t have the time or the energy to work on my writing also. On the other hand, if I continue to generate no revenue from the website, I won’t be able to afford to publish or aggressively promote my work without picking up some work on the side.

If anyone has any bright ideas on how best to generate an income from writing, without having to litter the page with unsightly ads and pop-ups I’d gladly hear them. Especially if it means I can still work full-time on my writing. You can add your comment below or click the contact me tab above, or help me stay ahead of the game and ad-free by donating via Paypal. Please.

please sherlock.gifPlease.gif

But enough about me. I wanted to tell you about a project on Kickstarter from Genesis Augmented Reality. As you may already be aware the book I’m working on, Hermes925, takes place in a future where everyone has an augmented reality interface strapped to the back of their necks. As you can imagine I find the potential this technology has very exciting.

I also like games, including the collectible card game Magic: the Gathering. Genesis have come up with a ccg that makes use of augmented reality to add a visual combat system, allowing the characters, creatures and spells you conjure to come to augmented reality life!

Pretty cool right? Go check out their Kickstarter page. They’ve already reached their goal, but there’s still 20 days left of their campaign at the time of writing. Pledge now to take advantage of the pre-release offers that would give you early access to the smartphone app, characters and custom skins.

So far you still need to use a smartphone or similar mobile device to see the characters, but maybe it’s a good thing that we don’t have the N•Viron system sending and receiving data through our spinal cord yet.

I also promised you in Encouraging Expressive Endeavours that I’d show you some of my niece Bethany’s writing. She wanted me to show you this one called ‘The Car’. She came up with the story, wrote it and illustrated it herself. She even included a contents page, and ‘about the author’ and a back page synopsis!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I look forward to hearing your opinion of Bethany’s book, Genesis Augmented Reality or my attempts to make a living doing this. Have a great day 🙂

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