Work, work, work!

I decided to spend half my day looking for a job, and the other half working on Hermes925. I feel rather accomplished since I have managed to do just that. There were times when I was living in America that I would set myself a goal, and find the day disappear into the aether of distractions. Facebook, friends, my girlfriend at that time, the Xbox360, and the worst culprit of all, my cat.

I loved Scotty. He was my buddy, but when he wanted petting, there was very little you could do to dissuade him. I’d be typing away, and suddenly a cat would be leaping into my arms. If I didn’t lean back and fold my arms under his arse, then his claws would raked painfully down my chest as he scrambled to climb up to my shoulder. I’d just have to stop writing until he’d had enough, or I was determined enough to withstand the claws I’d get when I removed him.

In the house in Wales I still had distractions, and again the main culprit was an animal. Toby is a fun little dog, full of energy, and he’d like nothing more than to play fetch with me. I’d work with the french windows open to avoid getting too hot as I worked, and Toby would trot in from the yard and drop a ball at my feet. If I ignored him, he would pick up the ball and drop it again, and again, and wouldn’t stop until I threw the ball for him until he collapsed.

So now there’s no animals and I can type in peace! I got a bunch of applications filed, and even received an interview time already from one employer.A few of the jobs I applied for were writing jobs. If I end up hearing from one of them I wouldn’t mind having to give up my writing time to do it, because I’d still be writing! 🙂 The follow up wasn’t from one of the content writing positions though. At this point though I just need to get some cash in my pocket, whatever the opportunity might be.


My Grandad has been reading my rough notes for Hermes925. He made some interesting points after finishing it. I clearly need to give what I’d written so far a read through to make sure that some of the ideas I wrote in later (as I thought of them) are incorporated into the story from the beginning. In particular he wanted the orwellian overtones to be clearer.

He also mentioned that it needed a timeframe. I’ve been avoiding this deliberately, mostly because I find that putting a date on a work of science fiction limits the amount of time in which the fantastic technology is believable. Of course eventually our technological advancement will surpass that which is described in the story anyway, so maybe he has a point. It may help anchor the story somewhat.

50's future.jpg

When I started this most recent version of Hermes925 I also intended to explore the character of Psy•Man a little so that I understood his motivation and personality a little better. I’d actually come to a conflict in the previous version that involved Psy•Man, an I wasn’t sure what he’d do in the situation. It has also become generally confusing and I didn’t like the way it was going.

However, Jaime hasn’t met Psy•Man until the exact same point he did in the last version. I may have to write a separate set of writing from his perspective. They would be more analytical, coldly manipulative and reveal his talent for software engineering. I’m also thinking they would be short charming status updates, samples of chats with various unsuspecting victims of his cruel intelligence, and perhaps some gloating private notes.


I’ve not gotten myself into the right mindset yet, perhaps I need to read some Dean Koontz, Thomas Harris or Jeff Lindsay and come back to it. In the meantime, I’ll keep working on the narrative track I’m on and see if the appropriate time for Psy•Man’s story comes up organically. Some of you who’ve read the older Hermes sample, might recognise the next entry. Here’s the latest entry for now: 11/26 First Day! Enjoy.

Have a great day 🙂

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