Making Progress

I spent all day yesterday applying for jobs. Including a couple from the newspaper. I even decided to put in a claim for jobseeker’s allowance. Today I woke to an email asking me to come in for an interview. Not one of the ones I’d applied for days ago, but one from yesterday’s newspaper! Shortly after I also got an appointment scheduled for my Jobseeker’s claim.

A quick explanation for my American audience. In England we have a government funded benefit, called Jobseeker’s Allowance, available to those actively looking for work, but unable to find a job. In some cases it’s abused by people looking to get money to do nothing, but for many it’s a life-saver.

In order to be able to claim this money there are several hoops to jump through, including an online application and and face-to-face interview. I’m told by a friend who just came off it that you also need to show proof that you’re spending 30+ hours per week looking for work.

Personally I’d rather find a job than spend 30+ hours a week trying to find a job. Especially since I only really looking for part-time work to give me some pocket money. I’m very lucky to have a roof over my head thanks to my parents and grandparents, and food in my belly. Grandma actually let me help today too. I cooked the rice!

These people are awesome!

Someday I might need to pay for the gas, electricity and internet myself, but not right now. For as long as my Grandparents are still around, I don’t have much to worry about. If anything goes wrong though, I have no fallback position. Unless I have a job, or at least jobseeker’s allowance. It would be nice to help out, have a little fun money, and save some up too.

I’m excited about my interview on Friday. It’s for a ‘Front of House’ position at a local pub and restaurant called ‘The Brown Cow Inn‘. It’s a family favourite, and it’s only 11 minutes walk from where I live with my Grandparents. I’m probably going to clean off my black nail varnish (nail polish) and keep the guyliner off. It would make things simpler to actually have a job, so I don’t want to scare them off.

It would be very nice to work here

I also need to make time today for creative writing. Hence why I’m writing this post, to try and transition myself out of jobhunting mode and back into writing mode. It helps that I’ve started doing mid-week updates for City of Gate to try and quicken the pace. So I wrote that already. I’d like to get another article written for Games and Geekery if I can too, though I haven’t decided what yet.

Watch this space. I may end up coming back to tell you about my new story idea instead. It’s about vampires!

Have a great day! 🙂

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