..for as little as 81p per month!

Here’s my latest live video on Facebook. Hopefully I can figure out how I downloaded the first one I did to the computer, so that I can upload it to YouTube too!

I forgot to mention that, in addition to my personal website, the Games and Geekery blog, the Facebook pages, and so on, I also have a profile on Patreon.com to try and generate a little income from my writing. If you’d like to sponsor me, you can do so for as little as 81p per month right now.

Money will go towards better recording and audio equipment, a new laptop, and more notepads, pens and food for my belly. The goal is to have enough patrons each donating a just little each month so that I can write full time and put Hermes925 on bookshelves!

Please check it out at patreon.com/antonym_copeland and share it with friends. Please and Thank you.

Moving on!

The newest installment of Hermes925 is up! You can click here to read it or scroll up to where it says Hermes925 and then scroll down to the bottom of the drop down menu. It seems to me that clicking the link would be easier!

It was a tricky one to get right. I wanted Hermes to be a different personality from Jaime, and yet I wanted it to be clear that Jaime’s writing style has influenced the AI when he decided to finish writing the journal Jaime started.

I was going to write an article for Games and Geekery also, which is actually gamesngeekery.wordpress.com and not wordpress.com/gamesngeekery like I said in the video. I will be writing an article about some of my adventures in Skyrim. particularly those I experienced from the Clockwork mod.

However, I still want to include the gameplay video from the Xbox. I think I just managed to share it to my twitter feed. I don’t used Twitter very often. Partly because I prefer Facebook, and also because my username is @AntonyMXUK. I thought this was frightfully clever when I lived in the US. I’m Antony M. (Copeland), former resident of the UK. Except I’m not ‘former’ anymore. If the UK were my ex, then we’re back together.

It doesn’t really matter since no-one gets it, but someday I may create a new Twitter account and pick a username that doesn’t taunt me by being inaccurate.

Anyway. I’m going to try and download the video, add an audio track explaining what’s going on, and then write a Games and Geekery article about my current favourite Skyrim Mod(s). Technically I’m also running the Better Vampires mod and the Sofia mod, to name only two.

Because I was a vampire I discovered that I could feed on the Gilded. So I forged myself a silver sword, and enchanted it with turn undead to see if my hunch was correct. Most of the Gilded are too strong for turn undead, but occasionally you can make one run. I also equipped the best anti-undead spell I had.

It’s a great story, with a great super creepy intro and you end up being able to keep the steampunk mansion as your personal in-game home! I highly recommend it. Here’s a picture of a gilded for you.


And here’s the video I’ve been trying to download/ upload! I’ll write the G&G article tomorrow now since it’s been a long day and I’m developing a headache.Have a great day! 🙂

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