Why Didn’t I Think Of It?

My Mum pointed out to me something pretty obvious about the Patreon.com website. Many people, particularly friends and family, may prefer to sponsor me directly, rather than via a third party that take 5%. She also mentioned taxes, which would no doubt be complicated when working through an American company.

It would be far less confusing and leave me with more of the money if I offered my fans a paid subscription option through the website. No middle-man (except PayPal). I get to keep anything you send me!

I’m also willing to accept stuff, particularly if it’s something I can write about! If you’re already a paying subscriber, I will write any article you want me too for free! The higher your rank, the more time and effort I’ll put into it, and prioritise your requests. You’ll also get emails notifying you off anything I post. Not just the stuff I post on the website, but anything I post anywhere online. Unless you specifically ask me not to.

These other posts will include videos, random thoughts and jokes, every update of my City of Gate rp group on Facebook, including any more original fiction I create for it, and of course Hermes925. I may even email you to discuss a plot point with you and ask you what should happen next! Those of you that don’t wish to participate in the creative process can of course, asked to be left out of the think tank.

Those who really like to be involved could even have a discussion group created on Facebook, for paid subscribers only! The exact nature of your perks may change and improve over time. However, I will keep your information entirely confidential. I’ll only use it myself.

Have I sold you on this yet? If so please click the subscribe button. It’s only £1 per month right now.

If not, then continue to enjoy the free content anyway. Perhaps you’ll come to appreciate my writing and become a paying subscriber later. If I’m able to get every paid subscriber a free copy of the book, I will. I don’t know if publishers let you do that sort of thing.

Thank you very much for following my blog and encouraging others to do so. If you haven’t noticed already the latest Hermes925 has been add to the drop-down menu, and you can also find it by CLICKING THIS OBVIOUS LINK!!

I hope you enjoy the story so far. Have a great day.

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