I’m So Excited!

Happy 2017 Everyone!

Today is going to be the first day of a great year! A fun, challenging, briefly frustrating and ultimately rewarding year!

I have my first client as a writer! The concept is fascinating and I’m really looking forward to tackling the project starting tomorrow. I’ve already begun tweaking it a little. The client has already written quite a lot, mostly I’ll just be working on the working, sentence structure, spelling mistakes and that sort of thing.

With any luck I can edit my way through it pretty quickly, and then the client can get it self-published, and then we can start selling it! Sadly I won’t get paid for the job, but I have been promised we’ll split the profits. The cynic in me says I should get it in writing. Documented proof of the arrangement and my involvement.

However, if I keep the relationship friendly, and he likes my work, then I can continue to help him with the sequels. It may even lead to referrals and additional clients. I’m getting a little ahead of myself as usual, but I’m just so excited!

I’m still going to make time for Hermes925 of course. I want to get that finished and published too, but I definitely don’t have the money to self-publish yet, and I won’t unless I can earn the money from clients and paid subscribers. I won’t put it completely on the back burner though, I love writing it.


If you want some Hermes925 plot spoilers keep reading. If not skip to “It’s going to be great!”. You can also read the Hermes925 story from the beginning on Wattpad.com!

I knew all along that I wanted the rats to run wild aboard the Hermes spacecraft after the human crew dies. I wanted them to become overpopulated and start fighting among themselves. I wanted the rats to evolve rapidly to survive the vicious and cramped conditions.

Originally this evolution was going to be accidental, a metaphor of evolution on earth. It occurred to me though that the Hermes AI, and the secondary AI Pan have been programmed to colonise Alpha Prime. In order to fulfill that objective they might chose to encourage the rat’s development so that they reach a civilised state before they reach the new planet.

I had also originally planned for the rats evolution be influenced by the introduction of an alien bacteria. This occurs when the Hermes AI attempts to collect a passing meteorite to use as raw materials for fuel and repairs/modifications. The resulting breach allows frozen micro-organisms to enter the ship’s ecosystem. Now I’m thinking the corruption takes place during a pseudo-medieval stage of the ratkin timeline.


At this point some of them would also be able to write, meaning if the ship’s Nymphs (bio-organic microdrones) can retrieve some of the writing, Hermes would then be able to relay the stories of the ratkin versus the plague-monsters as written by the ratkin themselves!

It’s going to be great! I’m very excited. I’m going to try and make time for Hermes925 tomorrow after I’ve put in at least 4 hours editing on behalf of my client. I also need to find time to make some more subscription buttons. I got a little way towards it but I’m not particularly happy with the results so far.

For those that don’t know you can currently subscribe for £1. These paid subscriptions would entitle you to email updates telling about articles I write for other websites, sneak peaks (if given permission from the client) of 3rd party projects, updates on Hermes925, City of Gate, and my Facebook Pages, and anything else I want to share.

You’d also be on my go to list of people to ask if I’m stuck and need to bounce some ideas around. If this is popular I’ll create a Facebook group specifically for the purpose. Of course this is all worth more than £1 per month, so I’m going to offer £5, £10, £25 and £50 per month options, for those who’d like to invest more.

Obviously those that pay more need to get preferential treatment, so I’m thinking of offering free writing services also. The more you pay for your subscription, the more work I’d be willing to do for you, and the greater the priority.

Does this seem like a good deal? What would you be willing to pay me, and what would you have me do for it? I look forward to your comments.

Have a great day 🙂

And please click the Subscribe button 🙂


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