You hear a lot of negativity about millennials. For those of you that aren’t sure what a millennial is, it refers to people who became young adults at the turn on the century. I turned 20 in the year 2000, so apparently I qualify.

I already thought of myself as one anyway, even when I thought it referred to people 5-10 years younger than me, because of the way they are described. We’re often thought of as lazy and unproductive because we’re not satisfied by our lot in life. Instead of being good little workers, we questions our bosses and slack off if we don’t think the work is worth doing.

The typical reaction when we’re accused of this is to become defensive. We tell our accuser that we’ll try harder, even giving a detailed plan of how and why we will change for them. We promise to compromise, and then feel wretched about ourselves when we continue to rebel against our situation, when it turns out they were right.

This is usually attributed to the fact that we were told that we are capable of greatness. We were told by our parents, teachers, and the culture at large via the tv shows, movies and music we were raised with. We can accomplish anything we set out hearts and minds to.I still believe this. I am determined to prove it’s true.


Just like almost everyone in my generation, I’ve been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, ADHD, hypo-mania, and a variety of other medical terms to explain and correct my aberrant behaviour. None of it works, and I believe it’s because the real source of the problem is not a chemical imbalance.

The chemical imbalance is a response to the fact that, as we become adults, we are no longer encouraged to be the best. Instead we find we have to do as we’re told and stay in our lane. They tell us to grow up.

We spend our childhoods dreaming if the day when we can choose a career that makes us happy, carefully select a partner that enriches our life, buy a home and decorate it any way we wish, and have beautiful, intelligent and free-spirited children of our own.

Then we become adults and have a hard time fitting into a system that has us performing menial tasks for minimum wage, leaving us struggling and desperate. We cling to bad relationships and try to keep crappy jobs to keep a crappy house he can barely afford. It’s logical that we should find this depressing. It makes sense that we would become distrustful and anxious after being told that our childhood was a lie.

I don’t believe it was a lie. I think we can accomplish whatever it is we truly want to do, whatever it was we were meant to do. The standard counter-argument is “You can’t do whatever you want. You could never be the president of America.” Firstly, The current president elect is proof that very unlikely people can become presidents. Secondly, I don’t want to be a president!

Republican presidential candidate Trump gestures and declares "You're fired!" at a rally in Manchester

I’m not trying to become something I’m not. That’s exactly why I couldn’t handle trying to be a bartender, or a debt collector, a car salesman, or even a marketing assistant. It’s not who I am. It’s not who I’m meant to be. It’s not who I was raised to believe I could be.

I’m a writer. That’s who I am and I’m determined to succeed in life as a writer. In a way I already have even though it’s yet to generate an income. I write every day. Even on the days I’m giving myself off, I still find myself scribbling down a few notes or writing an article. To be fair, I also find myself on days I should be writing unable to get a satisfying paragraph on paper, or zoning out as I’m editing. I’m happy.

Tt’s difficult and scary decision, following your heart, your dreams, your true path. It won’t be easy, it may even be downright stressful, but it’ll feel right. Don’t get dissuaded because broken people tell you to give up like they did. Don’t put out that fire raging inside telling you that you have to do something. Go do that thing!

Follow my progress and see for yourself. It’s possible to get the life you dreamed of. Not by signing up for a get rich quick scheme, but by following your heart and doing whatever it is, deep within the core of you, that you really want to do. You can help me achieve it to, and see what your support can accomplish. In return I’d be more than happy to help you accomplish your goals in any way that I can.

I want you to share this with other ‘millennials’, or anyone else that’s been disappointed by what real life has to offer. Stop being ashamed of being called the ‘Peter Pan generation’. Don’t let anyone hold you back. Keep thinking happy thoughts and fly!

Make your happiness a priority. Have a great day!

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