Productive Week!

It’s been a very productive week!

I’m thoroughly enjoying being a writer full-time. I’m very pleased to say I now have two clients. In addition to editing their work, I’ve also got further with Hermes925, wrote an article for Games and Geekery, updated the subscription buttons you’ll see at the bottom of the page, and I’ve even kept this web page up to date!

Thank you to my Mum for being my first Posh Subscriber! That $25 per month will cover the cost of my smartphone’s data plan. As a result you’re entitled to personalised emails from me, and not just the crappy automated ones! You’ll get links to everything I write online, including the stuff you don’t already subscribe too.

You’re also entitled to preferential treatment regarding writing projects. So if there’s anything you need me to write for you Mum, You’re on top of the to-do list. Of course, I would have done this for you anyway because you’re my Mum, but now you’re also a paid subscriber, so double-bonus!

If you like what I’m doing and want me to keep doing it please help support me by selecting one of the subscription options below. If you really can’t afford to, you can still help by liking, commenting and sharing Hermes925 updates and other articles you enjoy.

Fellow writers and artists can also bribe me into writing for them by offering their own work in return. I’d love to see some original illustrations for Hermes925, and Games and Geekery would welcome some additional authors.

It’s been a great week and I can’t wait to start the next one!

Have a great day!

Please show your appreciation for my work by subscribing:

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