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I’ve been overly concerned with money lately. I’m going to try and give it rest and actually talk about my writing this time instead. I know that if I spend all my writing time begging, I’m not actually going to get any writing done, and if I’m not getting any writing done, then what’s the point?

This is after all supposed to be where I blog about my writing, not bore you with my personal stresses and concerns. There’s a particular branch of my family that always seems to get upset with me whenever I talk about my real-life concerns, particularly if they are concerns about the well-being of other family members I live with, so I’m going to try and knock that off for a while too.

I’m making steps to take care of these issues anyway. So hopefully, there’ll be no need to feel concerned or write about either issue. If you do feel the need to support my writing, I’m still going to post the links to the various paid subscription options at the bottom of each post. Any and all paid subscribers will get email updates and be entitled to a free copy of my book when it’s published. As I’ve mentioned before, I will also work for you on any writing project you wish and give you a higher priority depending on how much you pay.

Anyway, let’s talk about what I’m up to regarding my writing. I’ve posted the latest update of Hermes925, called 13/07 Sacrifice, in which the Hermes AI begins to worry about the development of self-destructive behavior among the Ratkin on board. For those who haven’t been reading the story so far, the Ratkin are several diversified species evolved from the surviving lab rats on board a spacecraft after all the human crew died. If you find that concept interesting, feel free to read it starting with 02/01  The N•Viron.

My description of the N•Viron system and the world that the human crew lived in prior to getting trapped in space attracted the attention of a new client that I’m very excited about. I’ve mentioned it before. I’ll be writing a short story to be included in an anthology based in a common futuristic world in which augmented reality computing is commonplace.

For now, I need to get back to writing. I want to get the Patreon.com page updated as well as the Wattpad.com. I’ve even started an author page on Pronoun.com. I figure the more places I post, the more likely someone will find my work. To that end, I’m also going to be talking about my writing a lot more on Facebook and Twitter.

Personally, I find it frustrating when people only talk about their writing and doesn’t ever talk about who they are as a person. I think this comes from my marketing training. I know that people are more likely to buy what you’re selling if they like you as a person. The way to have people like you as a person is to talk about who you are. Maybe I’ll find a way to do that without mentioning anyone else in future.

Maybe I’m just cranky because I’m hungry, or maybe I’m frustrated at being asked to censor myself. So I’m going to edit this quick, post it and get some food.

Have a great day 🙂

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