The Unexpected Depth of a Facebook Quiz

This article I wrote for Games and Geekery might have fit better here.

Games and Geekery

Despite being so busy with my other projects that I’ve not posted on Games and Geekery in a while, I still find myself distracted by the world’s greatest procrastination tool, Facebook. Don’t get me wrong, Facebook is also a great tool for networking, marketing and crowdsourcing ideas. Those quizzes though are usually a time-suck of the worst kind, offering no real substance except to massage your ego.

This one surprised me. “Who Are You In The Different Worlds?” gave me this result:


I was about to just close the window and make myself go back to writing Hermes925 when I realised that these three characters may not just be arbitrary choices. All of them are tragic heroes. They’re all orphans, a long way from their own people, and they don’t really fit it in.

Tarzan lost his parents when he was still a baby, their plane crashing in the jungle, he alone…

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