Let’s Try This Again!

I’m feeling a little nervous. I start a new job on Thursday working in a bar. It’s in the same hotel my girlfriend works at. The Whitewater Hotel. It’s in a beautiful part of the Lake District with a river running right past it. So far every employee I’ve spoken too seems cool. Even more reason why I’m a little anxious.

It would be nice to have a bit of an income coming in again. When I worked at The Brown Cow I was saving up quite a nice little pile of savings. There were several other things about that job that would have been perfect. It was only a short walk from where I’m currently living. It helped keep me fitter because I was doing more physical work and walking home uphill.

Unfortunately, there were quite a few aspects of the job that sucked. The owner was unapologetically exploitative. He once told me that when we took the job we agreed to minimum wage, in return he expects us to work hard for him, and if we’re not willing to put all of our effort into making his business a success we should leave. He also never complemented anyone for their hard work, only berated them for what he decided they had done wrong, badly or missed entirely.

It seems that all the other employees felt they were being mistreated also, and took every opportunity to complain. At first, this gave me a feeling of solidarity. Us versus him. However, this solidarity meant that they all continued working for him, complaining behind his back, and doing nothing to improve their situation. Nevertheless, it made sense to at least work there through Christmas, and hope the increased tips would be worth the environment of resentment I was working in.

I couldn’t hack it though. The staff all had a tendency to insult each other affectionately, and once I was on ‘their side’ they began to do the same to me. One of whom would imply that I was sexually promiscuous and stand way too close to me. I’m sure he actually grabbed my arse once. The day I quit I was going to confront him about it. I spent the short walk going over it in my head, what I was going to say, how I was going to say it. Then I started to imagine what he might say back, and about the fact that I would have to talk to him in private. I walked in and he was wearing a Santa’s Elf costume, and every fibre of my being told me I had to leave. So I did, and I have never gone back.

I took this opportunity to write my arse off! I was hoping that I’d be able to get my writing career off the ground and establish a stable income before my money, and my family’s ability to help me, ran out. I knew going in that it was unlikely and would require an awesome combination of effort and dumb luck to pull it off. I’m also willing to admit that I was so upset by my last experience, that I am dreading having to work with people again.

I hope they’re cool.

I will find time to write no matter what. I’m willing to admit now that claiming that taking a second job (I’m still a Writer) would leave me with no time to write was an excuse. In truth, I just don’t want to have to deal with jerks, morons, drunks and pervs again. Like I said though, so far they seem pretty cool. The atmosphere of the hotel seems great too. They even let staff use their smartphones when it’s quiet, so I’ll be able to write down ideas and develop stories during my down time.

This could be perfect. Getting paid to work behind a bar (which can be fun), in beautiful surroundings, and still able to scribble. Plus I’m only working there 2-3 days per week, so that will still give me plenty of the week left to work on the UbiquiCity project, Hermes925 and Before the War.

I’ll find out soon enough. Getting anxious about it won’t help anything. Even if it turns out to be horrible it will still be a valuable experience, and you don’t level up without gaining experience.

I’ll be using the income to help my girlfriend save up for the deposit on a house to rent, to help pay utilities and groceries, and I’ll also be creating a marketing budget to promote Hermes925, and a self-publishing budget. I’d still rather publish through a traditional publisher that will do all the marketing and distribution for me, but I’ll increase my chances of getting picked up if I already have a following.

Please help me save up faster by visiting my Patreon.com page and becoming a patron, or choosing one of the Paypal subscription options below. All subscribers will get a weekly newsletter keeping you up to date on all my work in progress, and I’m working on ways to improve the higher level rewards beyond personal holiday greetings and personalised short stories.

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Thank you and have a great day 🙂

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