I recently had a hare-brained idea to make an anthology. That’s a short-story collection in case anyone knows. Have you ever had a nagging thought in your head saying, “That doesn’t seem too hard? I bet even I could do that!”? In my case, it rapidly evolved from “Maybe I should try?”, through “Do it do it do it do it do it…”, to suddenly finding myself posting this in the Creative Writers group on Facebook:


Soon the group was discussing the idea at length, getting excited and helping me pick out a font for the cover.  Before long the group had a brand new pinned post and I was challenging the group to coming up with a cover image that would be appropriate for both the series title, Monolith, and the theme of book one: New Beginnings.

Here are some of the early mock-ups for the front cover:

It’s early days, and I’m sort of making it up as I go, but I’m willing to learn. If you think you can help I’d appreciate it. You can join in the conversation we’re having on Facebook and have your say in how the book looks, advise me on how go about publishing it, or even discuss your short story submission.

If you are considering submitting a short story for Monolith please don’t submit rough drafts. If you’re having trouble with phrasing or grammar, by all means ask for help while you’re writing it (from me or the group). After it’s submitted, if I have to rewrite the whole thing it’s probably not going into the collection. If your short story is well written, well told and ready to go, you can submit it here or click on the “Monolith” tab above.

I expect it will take us a while to get it ready, but it would be nice to have a book available for sale by June-July. Then we’ll come up with a new theme and start collecting stories for the next book! You’ll get royalties (if you want them) on every book sold that you have a story in. It won’t be a lot to begin with, but it’ll all up, and I intend to use some of the money to promote the book and make us all more money. At least, that’s my current plan.


Paypal subscriptions and donations will help to support this venture:

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Have a fantastic day! 🙂

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    Hello folks — here’s a chance for a short story submission. Monolith will be accepting short stories starting in June via Monolith. For all the details you can join Creative Writers on Facebook for details. Post questions if you need more info and cannot find it.

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