‘Monolith’ Will Be Great!

I’ve been working on a new project. Or rather developing one and seeing where it goes. The Creative Writers’ Group on Facebook is about to hit 3000 members, and I’ve built a website to allow the group members to submit short-stories for the ‘Monolith’ anthology. It looks rather spiffy and includes a blog.

This is actually my second blog post where I enthuse about the success that ‘Monolith’ is going to be. I feel like I’m going to actually apply my Business and Management college education, plus all the self education in Marketing, Entrepeneurship and Small Business to a project I genuinely care passionately about, and I feel really good about it.

Creative Writers' Press

‘Monolith’ will be great, because we are going to make it great.

There are several things we can do to make it great. The first and most obvious is by including only the best of the stories that are submitted to us. This means of course that we’ll be expecting your best work, with well-polished plots and engaging storytelling. It’s entirely possible that we’ll have so many great stories that we might  be releasing a rather large book. If your worried that your story won’t be good enough, talk to us, your fellow Creative Writers, and allow us to help you make it great.

Write in whatever genre you’re most comfortable in. I want readers to be so blown away by every story in there that they go looking for more stories written by you. So don’t back. Show off. One of the most effective way to sell anything is…

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