Playing Catch-up!

It’s been a while since I’ve had the time, inspiration or motivation to update this blog, but I’m in the process of making the necessary corrections to my schedule and priorities so that I can get back on track.

I’ve already made some significant changes that have helped a lot. Including changing my ‘day-job’ to a ‘night-job’! With the release date of the Monolith anthology looming ever closer I knew I needed to save my money up. So far every attempt to crowdfund the Monolith project has failed, so it’s down to me earning as much as I can.

However, the hotel I was working at offered only the minimum wage. I applied for a supervisor position, which I didn’t get, and moved up to full time while I looked around for better opportunities. It’s early days yet, but I seem to have found one. It’s a night-porter position at a different hotel It’s only a 10-minute walk from my house, it’s more money, and the workload is light enough that I can get some of my writing done in my downtime.

If all goes well I’ll have enough to afford a high-quality edit of the final manuscript, and have enough time to complete it. I highly doubt that I’ll also have the money or time to pursue other goals (there’s a girl in Italy that I would dearly love to meet in person), so that will have to come later, and hope that she doesn’t meet someone else (though that would solve the dilemma rather neatly).


I’ve also been planning out the ongoing adventures of Hermes925.  *Spoilers* The Pan AI has taken over the ship and thinks he can do a better job. He will attempt to replace the ratkin on board with genetically engineered lifeforms. The ‘infected’ ratkin were his creation. An attempt to kill off the existing population so that he can harvest the genetic material and build a new species. The ratkin fight back though and survive despite Pan’s efforts.

Does using the word ‘ratkin’ as both the singular and plural form sound right to you? ‘Ratkins’ doesn’t sound right to me, but maybe it will grow on me.

I also intend to rewrite the story so far to provide a deeper understanding of the civics and politics of the world that Jaime grew up in. Namely that criminal convictions, matters of public interest, and even proposed laws are put to a public vote. Anyone that might be affected or has previously expressed an interest in similar matters is notified of the debate and can submit their response via the N-Viron network. The votes are calculated in real-time.

I also had an idea for the end of Pan’s part of the story. The Nymphs on board the ship are a cutting edge fusion of soft-robotics and genetic engineering, or at least they were. Earth’s technology continues to evolve in Hermes’ and Pan’s absence. Wetware technology becomes the next big thing. The N-Viron network becomes obsolete, replaced with a biotech equivalent that’s completely compatible with the human genome.

The discons have become even more paranoid of the technology. Especially when the new humans are born with technology already integrated into their bodies. Despite the fact that the disconnected humans are convinced that the technology is a threat to humanity, the new humans colonise one of the planet-sized bodies orbiting Jupiter and leave Earth to the discons. When Pan reaches our system, he’s not compatible with the new network of augmented minds.


FroudfaeriesAll of this is distracting me from rewriting the story I would like to include in the Monolith anthology. A series of short stories that tell the story of The War On Magic. It’s a story that’s been playing around in my head for a while, and it would be nice to get it out there, but the story I submitted to my fellow admins received enough negative feedback to necessitate a rewrite. You can see the current version here. Please offer any feedback you think might help make you want to read part two.

Once I get the story ready for Monolith, I can get on with polishing up, and adding the finishing touches to, the rest of the anthology. At least I don’t have ‘Write a blog article’ on my to-do list anymore.

Thank you for reading. I’d ask for support for I know that you’re all as broke as I am. Feel free to share and comment on anything you like.

Have a great day 🙂

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