Being Self-Considerate

I haven’t done any writing this week. Except this blog article, the one I wrote last week, and a few scribbled notes for a short story submission, and also The City of Gate, but that’s just fun.

I’ve surprised myself by not feeling like crap for this. I had set myself a weekly plan to do at least an hours writing every day, with each day being a different project. I have not kept to this plan. However, I have moved to a new area, got myself a job (a better one), and arranged to move into my own place as of March 1st.

My normal reaction would be to beat myself up for not being able to complete my goals, but I realised that, if anyone else had just moved to a new area, I’d be pointing out that they need to give themselves time to adjust, and not be so hard on themselves. It seems only fair that I be as considerate to myself as I would to anyone else.

Maybe this is the wrong approach, and maybe I’ll never be a successful writer if I keep letting myself off the hook, but maybe I’ll find that I’ll find myself wanting to write more.  If I relax, I may find my imagination has the time and space it needs to work at it’s own pace.

It wouldn’t be the end of the world if I didn’t get into any kind of writing routine until after I move into my own place. After all, I’l have a separate office there. I won’t have my bedroom, office and play area crammed into the same space. I’ll have a better idea how to fit writing into my work schedule by then too.

I start the new job on Monday.

Wish me luck 🙂

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