“I wish you were there!”

This is so true.

The Mythical Feminist

I have a lot of problems. I have awful anxiety and depression, and at the moment I’m dealing with an ongoing pain issue that has lasted for months. I love going out with my friends and spending time with people – I even love my job (I know, crazy, huh?) – but there are some phrases I’ve heard a hundred times before that seem so innocent and lovely, but to someone like me – to someone anxious or depressed or in constant pain – they can have the opposite effect to what you want:

  • “I wish you were there!”
  • “I missed you at the party!”
  • “Why didn’t you come?”
  • “Where were you today?”

They’re relatively innocent statements and questions, stemming from a desire to be helpful, to tell your friend that you missed them and that you care about them, but to a lot of people with mental health and…

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