Not Just Practical, but also Creative!

If you’ve actually had a little poke around this webpage and noticed that there’s a fiction section. That’s because I like to write. In fact, before I had the brilliant idea of starting the Odd-Job Antony business, my hope was to become a successful independent author. I’ve since come to realise that if I want to make story-writing lucrative, I need to do it a little differently.

I will probably babble on about my writing plans, and how it will tie into my love of role-playing games, in a future blog post. What I really want to talk about is that my website hasn’t really grown the way I wanted it too, why I think that is, and what I’m going to do about it.

My intention was to use this website as my official business page for Odd-Job Antony. The site that prospective clients would go to so that they can learn more about what I do, how much it costs, and what other happy clients are saying about me. When this didn’t happen, partly because I was getting more than enough work via word of mouth without a website, it occurred to me that I could still write about odd-jobbing, but with the attention of attracting others to the business or even just offer tips and tricks to gardening and home-improvement.

I came across a few hurdles with these ideas. For one, I can’t seem to find a way to effectively record what I’m doing as I’m working. Also, there are already lots of articles and videos available online that teach people how to do pretty much anything far better than I can. I also just didn’t like the idea of limiting my writing to just odd-jobbing articles.

I’m a total geek. I love fantasy and sci-fi stories, movies, tv shows, games (both video games and tabletop games), music and cosplay. There’s lots of stuff rattling around in this brain of mine, and only a little of it is about odd-jobbing. There are songs lyrics (some of which are original), D&D characters, bad jokes, observations about life in general, business ideas, and more, all begging me for attention, and the few odd-jobbing articles that occur to me while I’m working are often completely drowned out by these other random thoughts by the time I get home to my laptop.

You may have noticed that the blog section of this page is STILL titled ‘Blog of Indefinite Purpose’ from back when this was my official author website and I would use the blog to write whatever I felt like writing. This was mostly writing practise, a technique known as ‘free-writing’, to help me work through writing blocks, develop ideas, and built up a habit for writing every day.

I think I’m going to go back to that, and stop limiting myself to one subject. I am, after all, a jack of all trades. I don’t just pull up weeds and put up shelves. I can also run a great game of D&D, tell a great story, make little origami things, customise and paint gaming miniatures (though not as well as a professional custom model converters and painters), build scenery, and even do voices. Articles about this stuff might also end up on my Games & Geekery page (also sadly neglected since moving back to the UK).

I’ve also acquired a lot of career skills including customer service, sales, marketing, interpersonal communication, negotiation, presentation, influence, incentivising and leadership. I’ve worked in bars, restaurants, game shops, formalwear rental, call centres, fast food, department stores and even a factory once, before I became self-employed, and I’ve been known to use these skills and experiences to come up with new ideas that could improve existing businesses or incorporated into new business ventures. This stuff would fit better on the Business Demon page

The website will probably end up looking like a glorious mess, but that’s sort of the point. I need to allow myself to express my creativity in whatever way I need to at the time. However, more polished versions of these random outpourings may appear on one of my other WordPress pages, Facebook pages, or perhaps even compiled and published as a book.

This is basically going to be my notebook, and perhaps you’ll get a better idea of who I am and how I think, and look beyond the high-vis coat. Maybe.

Or maybe it’ll just be for me. Either way.

Have a great day.

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