Custom Combat Lightsabers

Kyberlight is not your usual custom lightsaber company. Their lightsabers are engineered to withstand the rigours of combat! Their probably a little overkill if you’re only looking for the standard cosplay fare, but if you’re looking for weapon you can use for Star Wars live-action roleplay or complete your utility belt as a real-life superhero (or villain) then Kyberlight sabers are the way to go.

Like I said, these lightsabers aren’t just a pretty prop that will fall apart the first time you take a couple of swings with it. Kyberlight builds durable custom sabers that are built to last. Don’t just hang it on your wall to look pretty, light that sucker up and go to war! Each saber comes with a lifetime guarantee. It will last as long as you do!

Just to clarify, just in case you need to be told. These are not ‘real’ lightsabers. You’re not going be able to chop off any body parts with them. You might raise a nice welt and leave a few bruises with one though. They’re designed for simulated combat and play fighting, and not as an actual offensive weapon.


Having said that, how cool is this? You can choose from a variety of grips, pommels, and hilts from their accessories shop to trick out the standard ‘knight‘ pack, but their ‘master‘ pack already comes with a nice selection of interchangeable custom parts. Even the ‘knight’ has 20 built-in colour changing options, allowing to easily roleplay a character switching from the dark side to the light, or vice versa, or even progressing through the ranks of the Jedi order.Kaberlight offer.jpg

They even have a special offer running running right now, but you better hurry because it expires August 31st. Go to their website and enter the promo code ‘Master4FB’ to get 4 free bonus accessories when you order the ‘Master’ pack or better. The bonus accessories include a red day blade, and green, blue and purple grip sleeves, picture above.

I haven’t been asked to write about this. I have no reason to promote them except for the fact that I stumbled across their post on Facebook and thought they were awesome! I haven’t tried them for myself yet, but if you want to donate a little to my Kyberlight fund, I’d be more than happy to buy one and follow up to this article with a review. If you do, please include a message telling me it’s for the Kyberlight review, so I don’t go spending it on something else 🙂

Let me know what you think, and have a great day.