Writing the right story

I got some more work done on Hermes 925 today. Finally.

I have been reading through all my old notes and found an older version of the story from back when the working title was 9 to 5 Spaceman. Before I had added the N•Viron to the narrative. That version was about a man called Bruce Anderson, who was a repairman by trade, fixing whatever needed fixing. Bruce discovers that one of his frequent customers had set him up with a test to see if he was smart enough to work for him. This differs quite a bit from the young and naive James I had been using as the main character in draft I was just calling Hermes. You can see that version by looking at the first few entries on the Hermes 925 Facebook Page.


I’ve decided to combine the two. The protagonist is now called Jaime Anderson, and he hates being called James. So of course, when he meets his antagonist, Simon (who insists on being called Psi-man), guess what he’s going to call Jaime all the time? James. The original 9 to 5 spaceman version of Psi-man was the programming expert for what was called the ‘far-reach project’, and is now just called ‘Hermes’. I prefer that to them both being basically janitorial staff. That way we can have Psi-man tweaking with the ship’s programming to further frustrate and annoy Jaime (eg, having the Hermes AI call him James too).

I also prefer the idea of Jaime being the maintenance and repair expert, so I started him out a little differently. Instead of being completely naive, with no basis for him liking the N•Viron other than it being cool, now he’s into it because he loves technology in general and has an affinity for it, and had even tried to make his own homemade version before his family could really afford one.

Having struggled to get an N•Viron in the first place only exaggerates his perception that Discons have no excuse. That if he can do it, so can they. I think this will increase his shock when he learns from ‘Tanisha’ (I may yet change that) what the Discons think the N•Viron really is. She’s the one he’s going to meet up with, no doubt we’ll all see how that goes in the next entry. I did think about making her a techno-pagan of some kind, but perhaps I should leave magic out of it, to avoid making the narrative needlessly complicated.

The relationship is going to be difficult and challenging. Which will originally excite and fascinate Jaime’s problem-solving mind, but will leave him feeling undermined, jaded and broken. When he decides to join the Hermes program, he’s desperately trying to make a new life, get a fresh start, and probably doesn’t think things through as well as he should.

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Oh, and if you happen to be an illustrator that’s excited to draw (or digitally render, photo manipulate or paint) Jaime, Psi-man and Hermes, please get in touch! As you can see from the lack of pictures in this article, I’m having trouble finding images that relate to the story.

Thank you for your continued support, and have a great day.