Fiction Section!

Yeah, that’s right. I like to write stories. I’d like to imagine that my stories will someday be wildly popular and make lots of money, but it hasn’t happened yet. I was actually trying to become a successful full-time writer when I got so frustrated by never making any real money from it that I started Odd-Job Antony.

To be fair I was also feeling frustrated by the fact that I used to own a house in America, and love the gardening and DIY aspect. Having been reduced to living in my parent’s basement after moving back to the UK *sigh*, I was feeling severely underutilized.

Thanks to the Odd-Job Antony business, and my awesome girlfriend, I feel much more useful and we’ll be renting a place with a lovely big garden for me to work on. Things are coming together, and I want to get back into writing. If things go well I’ll still be doing a little bit of Odd-Jobbing for my most loyal clients, and also writing blog articles, YouTube scripts, short-stories, presentations, and gaming campaigns on commission!

In order to get writing clients though, I really need to get my writing out there for people to see. Finding the time to write out one of my ideas out has been difficult though because I’ve been crazy successful as an Odd-Jobber! I still can’t quite get over it, but I’d love to pass on what I’ve learned to help other people get more clients. I’m even open to the idea of being a sort of manager/agent for other odd-jobbers (for a small fee, but I can help you make more money, so..investment!).

Anyway, there I go rambling on a tangent instead of getting to the point! I’m going to resist the urge to talk about that a bit and tell you what I’ve been building up to. It recently occured to me that I don’t have to write a story from scratch to share online for free. I’ve already been writing 3 different interactive stories on Facebook for quite some time.

‘World of Dragons’ is a classic/high fantasy loosely based on D&D, Lord of the Rings and Skyrim (for example). The story includes a owl-shaman, a blind cat-person that can see magic, a dude in a steampunk exosuit, and a woman who is actually a polymorphing half-dragon (and that’s not all!), all of which were designed by player-members of the Facebook group.

‘The N-Viron Network’ is a dystopian sci-fi that was a spin-off from another story I had been writing called ‘Hermes925’, which I sort of wrote into a dead-end. ‘Hermes925’ is an AI on a stranded colony ship with no surviving human passengers/crew, so it genetically modified the rats and roaches on board into a new sentient culture, so that it could finish it’s primary mission to colonise the next nearest planet. There’s more to it than that, but that’s the core idea. I started the narrative RP so that I could explore the backstory and setting a bit more and perhaps figure out a way to finish the story.

I think I may have just had an idea that could help me break through the ‘wall’ I’d hit. Yay.

‘When Magic Returned’ is also based on an idea I had tried (and failed) to develop into a story I was happy with. So, I gave my friends that played the other two game-stories the opportunity to play in a modern fantasy, in which everyone was going about the normal, mundane lives until.. magic.. returned! ..And woke up everyone’s latent magical-creature DNA! It’s fun.

All of the posts are already public, but I’ll be rewriting them a little. Perhaps to add a few details to adjust the narrative perspective, but mostly to replace all the player names to the character names they came up with. If you like the stories you can support further updates in several ways:

  • You can share the stories with all your social media contacts, friends, family and workmates, and anyone else you can!
  • You can sponsor me via Patreon (monthly subscription), or Paypal (one time donation).
  • You can join one of the three Facebook RP groups and run a character in the story that you get to design! 🙂

I hope you enjoy them. Feel free to comment on them saying what you think the characters should do, what you think should happen to them, and ask for more information about the background characters and lore. I appreciate the opportunity to make each of them the kind of story you would want to read.

– Antony M. Copeland, aka Odd-Job Antony

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