The First Level

I couldn’t sleep because I’m so excited about tomorrow. I’ve been training for months and finally, finally, I’m going to get my chance to prove myself. We all are. I know I should be trying to get a good long rest, but here I am, scribbling on parchment by the glow of a light cantrip instead. I’ve read what feels like hundreds of tomes to prepare, but I still feel nervous. It’s ridiculous.

It’s got to be just the excitement right? I’ve done all the research, studied all the history and folklore, and even the songs of the old adventurers (Bertley, the bard, thought that part was amusing). We’ve done drills even (which Colm, the barbarian never ever took seriously), so we know exactly how to work together, how to spot a pit-trap or a mimic, and every single monster that we might come across.

It’s going to be a breeze. We’d be able to clear the dungeon sleepwalking if we had to. I’ve prepared my spellbook over and over. I’m ready. I’m eager to get started. Clearly that’s what’s keeping me awake. That and the druid, Cletus, snoring like a wild boar in his cot. Maybe I should just cast Silence and then get back to my own cot. Perhaps even a Sleep spell will help. It won’t last long, but drifting back off to sleep should be easier with a head start.

I need to try something. The ranger is just sitting there cross-legged, eyes open, creeping me out. Elves are weird, and Jinleigh is weirder than most, at least from what I’ve read. Books don’t tell you everything though, or at least they tell us the prejudices and biases of the writer. Maybe more elves are like Jin. Colm is exactly what I’d expect from a half-orc though, including the raucous drunken songs accompanied by the halfling bard’s little lyre.

I do really need to get to sleep though. One way or another. Maybe Cletus has some herbal concoction that will help me calm down and relax. I’ve seen the forest gnome partaking from time to time, and I usually avoid the stuff. Spellcasting demands a clear head, but right now my mind is racing and won’t shut up. Perhaps I’ll just exhaust myself from overthinking and fall asleep here at my desk.

Maybe I’ll just run through a few scenarios. It should make me feel better about all of this. Reassure myself that I really am prepared for anything tomorrow might throw at us. It might also just wear me out enough to sleep. Good plan. Okay, so let’s say that it’s a goblin den they send us into. There’s going to be lots of them, coming at us in waves, so we’ll need spells that will hit multiple targets…

Excerpt from the pages of Miandell the Wizard.