The N-Viron Network

Just so you know..

Mobile technology has evolved and almost everyone is wearing augmented reality devices. These devices are worn at the back of the neck and held in place by a stylish collar, they send and receive signals through the skin to your spinal column, allowing you to see, smell, taste, touch and hear whatever augmented reality environment you wish to see, The devices are connected to each other and other smart devices around them via the N-Viron network.

The N-Viron devices allow you to wear a digital avatar and look however you want to look to everyone else wearing an N-Viron device. They can also see your basic public profile, and can send you a request if they wish to know more. You see them the same way.

Any notifications you receive appear as if hanging in the air in front of you. You can choose in your personal settings whether they pop-up directly in front of you, at the top, bottom, or sides of your vision. You can also choose to receive them as text only, or allow audio and video notifications.

If you’re walking through town, every shop you pass will have it’s own interactive push ads, and you can adjust your preferences so that only certain brands and businesses alert you, but they all get through by default. Town centers rarely contain physical stores, but when they do, items can be taken from the shelves and the appropriate charge is automatically deducted from you accounts without ever needing to use an old-fashioned register.

Looking at any object gives you the option of seeing a definition of what the object is. Not just the literal definition, but user-definitions and local history. User definitions can be anything from a nickname to a short description of the personal significance of an object. User-definitions can be up-voted or down-voted. The funniest and most immature definitions usually become the most popular.

It is possible to play interactive augmented reality games, in which the world and people around you are overlaid with a digital gaming environment. People in the area can chose to participate in the game as another player, an antagonist, or a helpful NPC, in which case they are prompted by the N-Viron system on what to do. Games vary from fantasy roleplay adventures, to action and horror games, to romantic simulations.

All cars are automated. Most jobs are too. The economy is largely gig based. People can post publically, or in special interest groups, what they need doing, and other users can accept the gig and receive the agreed upon reward. Random acts of kindness and acts of civic pride (such as tending to public gardens or properly disposing of waste) is also rewarded. Reward Points are commonly known as Arpies (RPs) and you can use them for everything from groceries to new avatars.

Reclaimers are everywhere. They range in size from small domestic appliances to large municipal machines capable of reclaiming passenger vehicles. The reclaimer breaks everything down into component materials for use in fabricators. You can make almost anything you need in a fabricator, but it costs arpies. As mentioned earlier though, you can make arpies by using reclaimers, and also by performing tasks, testing new products, or creating and selling handcrafted items.

There are some who don’t trust this system and they choose not not be connected. These people are known as discons (short for disconnected). They tend to avoid the city, and prefer to use devices that have no online capabilities. They still use old money and drive manually operated vehicles, and (of course) they have no avatars. Discons can see you as you really are.

So yeah, avoid them. Or, even better, bring them here, back to the offices of the NSPD, that’s the National Society for the Protection of Discons, so that we can help them re-integrate with networked society, and get to love it, like you do now. You’ve already been rewarded 100 Arpies, just for participating in the program. What would you like to do first?