When Magic Returned..

Hi. Er..My name is Dr David Wilkins. Sorry about the dragons. And the fairies. And the other stuff. Yeah, it’s all my fault. Let me explain. I’ve been sure that magic existed ever since I was a kid, but so many told me it was just a story, I had to pretend I didn’t. Even though I could still see the fairies trying to push their way back into the world. Do you know what it looks like when insects land on water, from under the water? It’s kinda like that, except with the fabric of reality. And I could hear them laughing sometimes too.

Anyway, I tried my best to ignore all that, and even counter it if I could, by becoming a scientist. It sounds childish, but I was a child when I thought of it. Nevertheless, I did well in math at school, and science, specialising in physics, specifically quantum physics, as soon as I could. I read about it even before I could officially study it.Along the way I still found myself reading up on the historical references to fairies and magic.

One thing that stuck with me was the idea that mankind once coexisted with the fairies and other magical beings. Until a deity decided that it was a bad idea for the fairies to fraternise with the mortals, and split the worlds of mankind and fairy-kind.As I learned more about quantum theory, I began to wonder if it would be possible to bring the two worlds back into alignment and pierce the veil.

It was a wild fantasy with nothing to back it up for years, until I figured out how to do it. It sort of went…wrong. Instead of the device opening a single portal to the world of the fairies, reality started tearing all over the place, and magic started leaking through. Hence the dragon stomping all over the city, the fairies causing mischief all over the place, and people that had latent fairy-folk dna have.. changed.Sorry.The scariest part though has been the reactions of the religious right. Several of the ‘awakened’ have already been lynched. I need to put this right, but I can’t do it alone.