Hermes the ship/ 9 to 5 Spaceman

The future is an exciting place. Thanks to a network of augmented reality devices, everyone gets the chance to appear as they want to, everyone can challenge anyone to a game, and everyone can learn more about anything just by looking at it and add their own user definition. They also instantly and automatically deduct the appropriate charges when you take groceries from the grocery store or buy that new outfit for your avatar with the reward points (arpies) that you earned playing games, completing tasks or buying promoted items, or when you happen to break a clearly marked law. The augmented reality network system is called N•Viron

On top of that, stable short range wormhole technology allows you to cross oceans like you’re walking through a doorway. NASA even has a portal gate that leads from Houston, TX to an orbiting spaceship. The experiments taking place aboard the ship are mostly automated. The artificial intelligence, Hermes, keeps everything running smoothly, they hire people just to keep everything clean. It’s a good gig, it pays well, it’s not too hard, you get to be in space and still go home when your shift ends. The ship is about to leave orbit and head out toward the stars.

To read more about this sci-fi adventure that I’m working on, go to the Hermes925 tab, and select the dated journal entries from the drop-down menu. Whenever there’s a new entry published, I’ll also share it on the Hermes 925 Facebook page.


Part one =>

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