11/05 Buy My Things!

I’m getting there. Slowly. I sold quite a lot of the smaller items. The bigger furniture pieces are understandably harder to shift. I’m thinking I’ll have to offer a referral discount or something. A couple of thousand Arpies if you refer a friend or were referred by someone. That should make the ℜ200,000 price tag on the storage couch a little easier to swallow. The number seems big, but you can earn that in 2 days if you play hard. Plus I paid 3 times that when I bought it used!

I post an update to try and put it back at the top of everyone’s notifications. I’m going to Houston, even if I have to be homeless when I get there! Although, it would probably be much more sensible just to extend my deadline. I don’t want to wait though. I’d leave right now if I could. I look around my home town and all I see is failure, despair and loss. But if I don’t come up with ℜ52,500,000 by friday, I can’t get an apartment when I get there.

I’ll have to keep pushing. So far I’ve saved up ℜ43,200k. I’m not too far off. I can get ℜ100k a day from game work and chore incentives. I can pull it off. And you never know what tomorrow might bring. I might attract the attention of a furniture dealer with enough Arpies to buy the lot. I should probably try contacting a few. I’m going to go do that now.


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