11/20 Overloaded

I haven’t made time to write because I’ve been so busy. There was a lot of repair work to catch up on for the apartment complex, but I got on top of it all. I had to make some new local contacts for supplies and parts that are tricky to print from the small reclaimer I now have, but that was easy enough. The manager, whose name is Luann by the way, baulked at the cost of everything at first, but I had to explain that it’s because we’re using newly fabricated parts now and not Discon junk. It helped her to relax when she was tagged on each transaction, including the credit we gained for reclaiming all the scrap in the apartment.

I even picked up some other game work outside of the apartment complex. Some of the clients were referred to me by Luann. One of them in particular is driving me nuts. He keeps calling me out for various repairs, and each one seems tougher than the last. He insists on me calling him Fred. Just Fred. He’s had me fix almost almost everything he has. His car, his air conditioner, his reclaimer, the stove (twice), and his lawn mower! Today it’s a boiler, which is strange because I know for a fact that the water heater he has is brand new. Whatever. I’d best go fix it.


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