12/20 Psycho-Man

I think Psy·Man is a PK. It’s not polite to call people “sociopaths” anymore. It’s seen as insensitive, which is laughable because PK’s are only upset when it’s useful to them. PK isn’t a polite term either, but it’s what everyone calls them. Apparently it used to mean ‘player killer’, which is appropriate since PK’s like to mess up everyone’s game.

I swear Psy·Man is editing the code so that my repairs and upgrades are suddenly incompatible with the software. I thought I was going nuts, but it’s only stuff I’ve recently worked on that suddenly stops working. I have to log every issue. Sometimes I can alter the hardware, designing and printing what I need with help from the Hermes AI. I don’t like doing that. If Psy·Man has been altering the software, how much of Hermes has he tampered with? Would he turn the ship against me, just because it gives him pleasure to make life difficult for me? Probably.

The alternative though, which I’ve had to resort to once already, is to submit to the worklog that I was unable to modify the hardware and officially request that the software specialist, Psy·Man, resolve the issue instead. This may not seem like a big deal. If he caused the the problem then he should be the one to fix it. I have no proof that he’s responsible yet, it might be just a coincidence. It may also be that I’m just not as good at keeping things working as I thought.

Being able to overcome each problem myself reassures me that I’m more than just competent, more than capable, and more than qualified to do this. When I can’t do it, I feel very upset with myself and wonder if I’m cut out for this. Pretty much right up until the moment I get it working I dread having to admit to Psy·Man that I can’t do it. I hate giving him a greater reason to gloat, and more evidence to suggest he’s better than me.

If he really is doing this to me, then he’s going to get me fired if he keeps this up, and it’ll happen all the sooner if I’m unable to keep solving his little challenges. I wish I could trust the AI. Maybe I could ask it to track Psy·Man’s changes to the code and prove that he’s fucking with me. If he keeps this up I may risk asking it and hope it likes me.

At least all this is keeping me too busy to deal with Lena, or Barb.


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