12/04 Lovely Lena

Warning, adult content ahead!

It’s been a crazy week. I’m not really sure where to start. I suppose I should start with what happened after the bar fight, but I’d rather not dwell on that. I’d rather focus on how well things are going.

Lena (that’s what Helena prefers to be called) and I are sort of seeing each other. Neither of us is looking for a relationship right now, we’ve both been hurt too many times. Because there’s no labels on it though, it’s been rather intense. She likes to have have fun. I don’t mean games and parties, I mean naked fun.

I’ve never known a girl be this into me, or me so into her. She really turns me on. I had sex with the other girls I dated, but it often seemed so awkward, so forced, and rarely felt like it was worth the effort because it was so clumsy and uncomfortable. Lena doesn’t need constant reassurance that she’s not hurting me and that I like her. It feels comfortable, relaxed and fun. No awkwardness on either side.

She came to talk to me at work, which surprised me after the embarrassing defeat at the bar, and she keeps finding excuses to talk to me, sit with me at break, got to lunch together. It’s cute.

A quick note about the job itself. I love it. I thought I might be bored, but there’s quite a few modifications need doing to the orbiting station to make it ready for sustained travel through space. It’s not particularly difficult, Fred’s designs are all purpose built to work well together. Some of the upgrades have been tailored to handle some of the changes Psy-Man has made to the programming code, and others are just redundancies and fail-safes.

The last few days have been mostly installing an independent AI module into the emergency pod. Designed to be subordinate to the Hermes AI and only really for use in an emergency. Psy-Man calls the new AI “Pan”. Like I said, we won’t even need Pan unless we lose the gateway to earth and have to launch the pod.

We’ve also been upgrading the reclaimer, making sure the new Nymphs can find their way around, and making sure the auxiliary power systems could keep the gateway open if we lost power from earth. Did I tell you about the Nymphs? Techno-organic bug drones that are designed to keep the Hermes925 craft clean and sterile. Collecting all the inevitable buildup of dust and dirt, and other organic residue that we humans can’t even see, and taking it to the on-board reclaimer.

It’s all very busy and awesome. The only irritant is Psy-Man’s snide comments and prideful remarks about his programming ‘genius’. The days go by quickly enough though, and I particularly enjoy the end of the shift when Lena and I go back to her place, or mine.

The first night was incredible. We began making out before we’d even got to the bedroom. She told me she’d never had anyone undress her before as we tumbling, giggling and groping, into bed together. I said “Do you know what my favourite thing to do is?”

I kissed her from her neck, down over her breasts and belly as I worked down her beautiful curvy body and buried my face between her legs. She was already wet as I kissed licked and nibbled her clit gently, her fingers ran through my hair. My thumb slid inside rhythmically. The scent of her filled my head as she squealed in pleasure.

As I came up she grabbed a bottle of oil from her bedside table and rubbed the oil into her beautiful full breasts. She pushed me onto my back, teasing my dick with her hands and breasts until I was rock hard. She then slipped my cock inside her and rode me. I could have died happy in that moment, watching her oily bosom swing into my face as her pussy gripped and stroked my cock.

I’d never felt so much pleasure. It was her smile though that made it perfect. The joy in her eyes that made me feel like I’d be happy to do this for the rest of my life. We cuddled, we talked, we played some more. Over the next few nights we’ve showered together, used an N•Viron generated girl together, eaten chocolate sauce off one another, and even tied each other up.

There was one night we couldn’t be together because she had some family issue to deal with, but even then she contacted me via N•Viron and we had fun with each others augmented reality selves. Not quite as good at the real thing, but still lots of fun.

I don’t want to ruin this, but I think I’m in love. I’ve never felt happier, more comfortable, or sexier than when I’m with her. It just feels so natural. So blissful. So right.


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