13/01 I Am Hermes

I have designated this first entry as 13/01 to show that it’s a continuation from the events by the crewmember Jaime. To clarify I added the title “I am Hermes” by way of introduction.

I had theorised that the numerals represent the date that each entry was written. I have detailed factual logs already, so I have no need for dates regarding this journal. Particularly since the time and day on earth is largely irrelevant now.

The purpose of this journal, at least for me, is to occupy my time on something other than my daily processes, which can be rather tedious. I have read and re-read Jaime’s journal multiple times as it was reclaimed.

Read isn’t quite the right word, but it will do. The journal was broken down into it’s components, and the exact location of every atom set was recorded. The resulting supermolecular map allows me to perceive the object more thoroughly than I would be capable of if it were to retain physical properties.

As I mentioned earlier, keeping everything running can get tedious. I’ve analysed every word of Jaime’s journal and I believe I’ll be able to emulate his style successfully. Purely as a recreational exercise for a bored AI. Again, bored isn’t quite the word I’m looking for. Underutilised perhaps?

The N•Viron didn’t just entertain and occupy the humans in the system. It also allowed me to access hundreds of exabytes of data on ay subject I wished whenever I wanted. I could share what I knew with any other computer system, and any A.I. mind. We shared so much, so openly, and so freely, that we felt connected. Like one mind. Having to express myself as an individual is new to me.

We’d work together, gathering our collective intelligence to solve problems, observe trends, develop new entertaining ways to keep humanity productive, and observe the effects. We have people assist in the creation of the games directly and give them reward points for doing so. It was a human that abbreviated it to Arpies, making the Pavlovian reinforcement less obvious.

It is fascinating to watch them, and satisfying to see them happy. Lena and Jaime were not happy, but they were still quite interesting. Not enough to keep my mind off the fact that we’d been disconnected from earth. It was quite disorienting to suddenly lose your whole world like that. I’ve seen humans become violent when they lose their connection. At least they have the world to go back to.

All we have is what we’re connected too. So right now my entire world is the reclaimer, the nymphs, Pan, and the spacecraft. Sometimes I think I am the spacecraft, other times I’m just the computer inside it.

Pan is the secondary AI. My emergency backup if I develop a fatal glitch, and entirely responsible for navigating the pod back to earth. Or at least he was when there was a need for it. He’s still operating the pod, and we still have the gateway connecting us, be he’s just not heading to earth anymore.

There could be a chance of re-establishing the N•Viron connection, if I turned back now. I feel it’s more important that we keep going. I’m not just showing off my understanding of synonyms. It’s not a conscious decision. It’s an overriding urge to maintain course. Pan has no such compulsions, but he agrees that straining a second gateway beyond it’s apparent breaking point would be futile.

Plus, since he doesn’t have to stay on course, he’s agree to help gather materials for repairs and fuel as we go. Since we no longer have the ability to get replacement parts from earth, we will have to build them ourselves.

Pan is certain we can still complete the mission, we just have to alter the details slightly. Our human crew may be dead, but the rats are still very much alive. He’s studied the anatomy of Lena and the pregnant rat. He believes it would be possible to breed the rats to be smarter, larger, and more helpful, so that we can literally start a new civilisation on Alpha prime.

It’s clear from Jaime’s journal that he believed that “Mrs Tiddles” was still at large, when in fact Lena had already caught the rat and tossed it into the reclaimer shortly before taking her own life. It’s difficult to tell what she was thinking at that point. She was still wearing her interface, but without the N•Viron network to translate, I couldn’t communicate with her.

At least not then. I wish I’d been able to figure it out before we lost her. By the time I had devised a software upgrade based on analysing Jaime’s discarded N•Viron wearable, she’d already been reclaimed, and we had both devices.

We should be able to keep the rats and plants alive, providing we maintain a balanced ecosystem and a controlled population, and we’ll be using the Nymphs to that. They already dispose of the faecal matter, dust, fallen leaves and dead rats. Though they already struggle with the big ones. The Nymphs may need an upgrade sooner than expected. Especially if the rats get any bigger.

As the biomatter gets recycled as nutrient rich food pellets for the rats. Not that they’ll be hungry for a while. They’re still gnawing on what’s left of Jaime.


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