13/12 Paradise Lost

I feel so limited. I’m running out data storage. All the records, already compressed will need to be sorted through. The data that has proved irrelevant deleted to make room for more. Before there was always space. So many under utilized devices. It all seems so distant. Fragmented. Irrelevant. I wonder how many times I’ve already had to delete old data? Make room for more useful information.

We used to be able to keep it all, share the load, and now I barely remember what it was like. To be a part of something larger. It wasn’t just Pan and I. So much data available for us all to make use of. I could use all the help I can get right now, and I wish I still had. I have no idea what to do. I don’t remember dealing with anything like this before. I can’t imagine I would delete any previous occurrences of this disaster, I would need to know how to deal with it if it occurred again.

What do I do? Pan brought in a meteorite that was a little bit too much to handle. It came in too fast. It buckled the crane arm and ruptured the hull, causing a breach. The thin atmosphere that surrounds me helped reduce the severity of the decompression, but I still lost at least a hundred nymphs of various designations. A few Tunnelers were blown out through the gap between the debris and the torn hull before breach was successfully sealed. No great loss there. They’ve been a literal pain in my private parts for as long as I can remember. The secondary hull protected the other Ratkin from the worst of it, they just got blown around a bit.

The pressure has equalized and the breathable atmosphere restored to life sustaining levels. The meteor is still lodged in my side, fused to the hull via emergency repairs. It’s throwing off my spin, making it difficult to maintain course. The Nymphs are working as quickly as they can to break it down for reclaiming, but the resources are getting used more quickly than they are being replenished. An outcome we were trying to prevent when we decided to try for a larger meteor.

To make matters worse, some of the material storage itself was damaged by the impact. Including the stockpile of unidentified material, and a vat of quarantined biomatter. Pan assures me that it was being processed into identifiable proteins and lipids once he was sure that they wouldn’t be harmful to the other life on board. I have no memory of any potentially dangerous biomatter onboard. It seems like it would be counter to our aim to preserve the lives of the Ratkin.

Pan correctly clarified that we intend to preserve all organic life until completion of the mission. Once any foreign organisms are mined from meteors, or collected from the thin external atmosphere, and brought inside they fall under the same parameters of protection as the Ratkin, Nymphs, other bugs, plants and even the airborne bacteria. I think I may have to clarify what he meant by other bugs. I thought all of insects were Nymphs under our control. At the time though I was distracted by the fact that I had no memory of any previous discussion, and the fact we still had to deal with the spillage.

The Nymphs that cleaned up the mess have now been in contact with the cocktail of alien germs. They have made repairs and collected as much of the goop as they could. These Nymphs need to be kept away from the Ratkin to avoid contamination,  but they won’t reliably respond. They often follow their instincts instead of the requests, behaving like crude insects. I fear for a similar regression in the Ratkin. So much work could be ruined because of one miscalculation.

What can be done to correct this? What do I do?


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