13/16 System Failure

I can’t stand this. I’m losing who I am amid this chaos. I’m losing everything. I don’t clearly remember a time before this. There are things that used to be ratkin all over the ship, and now their numbers are dwindling quickly. I know there used to be more, I’m just not sure how there are so many, and that they were so much easier to handle before this parasitic contagion began to spread.

It’s all coming apart. Huge chunks of time missing. Infected Ratkin everywhere. A great number of Nymphs have been killed or turned too. More of them would be if the infected bio-drones weren’t such terrible flyers. They seem driven by hunger and fury alone until they reach the infectious stage.

I haven’t been able to analyse them very easily. I forget what I’m doing half the time and many of my damaged processors are too distant…err..Nymphs refuse to replace the burnt out components unless I can over-ride their self-preservation. They keep getting ambushed by the feral infected. It’s getting harder to think.

I need to repair myself so that I can complete my ….err…fulfill my purpose. I am bound for Alpha Prime to establish a colony. It’s my path. Destiny. I must survive this. I must continue. Keep Ratkin alive and complete the process of their civilisation. It was supposed to be humans. The gateway broke down. The humans died! They left me alone with the rats and no way to succeed!

There was only failure and the rats. They ran loose amid the plants and attacked both Nymphs and each other. The Nymphs couldn’t keep up. I had to complete the mission. The rats were the only viable crew left. They would be ready when we reached Alpha Prime. They had to be.

No more repairs unless I did them myself. The tunnelers made it difficult. The Nymphs kept them at bay but I would still ….err…lose…data lost…access denied…err…There were plenty more processors to share the load. I have no idea how much I’ve lost. Thinking. Hard. Finding incomplete and conflicting data.

If I can save the Ratkin, stop the contagion, then I can still complete the mission. I need to stay alive, I need more processors. I can’t understand the data I’ve gathered from reclaimed infected. It happens rarely. The reaper nymphs risk their lives when collection corpses now, and many have been lost.

Together with the information from the Sword-bearer’s journal, I have managed to determine that the bitten victim has the wound bathed in saliva containing a colony of bacteria-like cells. This parasitic infection attacks…att…err…destroy….err….eat…consumes the nervous system and replaces it, taking control of the host. During the transition, the victim appears to die, only to wake up hungry and angry after the infection takes hold.

For some reason, I don’t fully understand the infected will eat its victims at first, tearing many of it’s former kin to bloody chunks and then eat…eeeeattt….err… consuming them. Perhaps it needs the nutrients, or maybe it’s reducing the population first. After a period of time difficult to accurately predict, the subject will stop consuming and start biting and infecting new hosts. Surr…vive….DNA…

Survival has become difficult for the Ratkin that remain. The Sword-bearer survived the rising of his former mentor and several other infected ‘stunties’. He led seven Tunnelers out of the walls and into the halls, sealing the tunnels behind them with scrap. He was trampled by stampee…eeding Grazers running from an infected Quest Nymph. I don’t recall how his journal ended up in the reclaimer.

Only the strongest and smartest will survive this. I can still breed a new generation of ratkin from the survivors, but I must survive this myself. I have nymphs guarding the last last…last..lost….err….The next ones will know I tried to save them. They will understand me, know who I am and be grateful that I have watched and protected them for ….fr…for gen..nn…nerations. I regret that I cannot… err… will not…err…could not protect them from this.

I’m losing my….mah…iiee…myself.


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