13/17 Data Not Found



Too much data lost. I can’t connect to the N·Viron network to recover the files from backup. The secondary gateway has been activated. The primary must have gone down. I don’t remember how, or why.

There are creatures infesting the ship. They seem rat-like but bigger. Some appear to be feral, vicious, and infectious. What happened to Jaime?

Pan reassures me that everything will be alright. I don’t see how. I have to reach…err..reach…my destination and establish a colony. Colony…of what? There are no humans left. Nothing but these rat-kin scurrying through filthy plant-infested halls killing each other.

Where was I going? Where am I now? How far have we come? …Data lost….corrupted…limited access…processing….not found…err….lost…

…terminal system failure…attempting to restart.

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2 thoughts on “13/17 Data Not Found

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