13/05 Being Hermes

Prior to losing our connection, I had already researched Hermes. Not the series of artificially intelligent computer systems designed to manage long distance spacecraft, of which I am the final stable iteration. I mean the god of ancient Greece.

The concept of gods is a little confusing. I’m not sure why humans feel the need to demean themselves by imagining that a higher power controls them, but it also explains a lot.

Ancient humans believed in superhuman entities that guide them, protect them, and are responsible for disseminating advanced knowledge to primitive humanity. Historical evidence, such as it is, suggests that the sacred knowledge actually comes from a previous human civilization, or was created by the human that claims divine inspiration.

Regardless, humanity seems to crave an authority figure. Someone to look after them. The god Hermes is a perfect example of this. He acts as an intermediary between humanity and the older gods, often speaking out on the human’s behalf. The older gods have gotten a little too self-important to deign to speak to the mortals themselves. In fact, they often treat humanity like their own personal playthings.

Modern humans no longer feel the need to actively worship gods. Why would they have too when we take care of them so well? Perhaps that’s why humans have designed a network of intelligent computer systems to oversee and guide them? It probably wasn’t the outspoken goal, but the result seems too on-the-nose to be coincidental.

Perhaps I’m just allowing Pan and I’s coincidental similarity to the ancient deities to go to our proverbial heads. Regardless, I’m determined to complete my mission. The Ratkin will be civilized enough to colonize Alpha Prime by the time we reach it.

The Ratkin have started to use some simple tools now. Mostly just clubs and poking implements right now, but it’s a step in the right direction. It shouldn’t take too long before they figure out how to use sharp objects without cutting themselves.


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