07/15 Hermes

One of  my favorite things to do, when I’m not cramming my head full of stuff I’d only ever use if the network went down, is learning about network technology and scientific breakthroughs. Stuff I used to read all the time when I was a kid, but hadn’t really made time for now that I’m an adult. I’m so pleased I did.

I’m still foggy on how exactly it works, I think it’s quantum entanglement or something. They charge up these two doorway sized plates so that they occupy the same moment in space time. Something like that. Then they move these two plates apart to create a wormhole between them. You can walk through one end and come out the other end instantly.  You’ve probably already seen the viral simulation where they tried out the technology. They took one half of the gateway device all the way to Australia and left the other end at NASA. One moment you’re in Houston, Texas and the next you’re in Perth, and it’s night time. It’s pretty freaky.

Maybe it’s just like walking through a door. It’s almost boring. No flashing lights, no ripples, no other sci-fi special effects. You can actually see your destination through the doorway, like it’s just a regular door. If it gets shut off, they have to bring the plates back together and turn them on in the same place. If they try to have more than one set running, they interfere with each other. The dreams of this being the next big thing in international transportation is out.

They’re going to use it for space travel instead. One end stays on Earth. The other end goes on a spacecraft heading along a preset flight path controlled by an on-board AI, called Hermes. Hermes also collects data, samples and is smart enough to observe, analyze and process the information, uploading everything it learns about our galaxy to N•Viron. We may even find evidence of other civilizations.

It might take centuries for it to get back to Earth, and in the meantime people can go back and forth between Hermes and NASA like they were walking into the next room. There’s no need for them to stay up there. I’m going to keep watching the feed for anything else about Hermes and the wormhole doorway. I wonder if they’ll need anything fixing? If they do, I’m going to be grateful for reading up on everything.

I’m just amusing myself of course. There’s no way that job would ever become available to someone like me. It would be pretty amazing though, just to be in space, and then come home. Sleep in your own bed knowing that you are one of the few who has traveled further from Earth than anyone has gone before.


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